Mesh Mess

It's a jigsaw puzzle, right?
It’s a jigsaw puzzle, right?

I’ve been spending some time lately trying to style and dress my mesh body.

It’s more difficult than I anticipated.

Not because the actual dressing part is complicated, but because so much of my mesh wardrobe simply doesn’t work with the mesh body.

There are so many clothes that have asymmetric lines, or are strapless, or off-shoulder – using the limited alpha cuts on the mesh body HUD just doesn’t work.

And since the alpha layers included with the clothing don’t work on a mesh body, some clothing is just unwearable.

I have also been using the Omega applier system with various outfits and learning how that all works.

But I’m starting to wonder if mesh and dance really mix well.

I typically arrive at a show around 30 minutes early to give things time to cache/rez.

Even then, many times things do not rez for me.

I’ve heard lots of other people complain that dancers appear handless, footless, bald, and or as a floating head, depending on what mesh items they are wearing.

The original appeal of mesh (for me) was that my dress no longer ‘sunk’ through my legs and/or chair when I sat.

However, most mesh dresses/skirts do NOT dance well.

The dance animations stretch the mesh, making it look odd, as well as sometimes ‘breaking’ it in weird ways.

I suppose it’s a question of trade-offs.

Your skirt no longer appears to go ‘through’ your leg, but it doesn’t move/flow as real fabric (and flexi) does.

I’ve successfully worn mesh to dance (generally corsets and the like) – avoiding long skirts that ‘broke’ or looked odd.

But if half of the audience can’t see it, does it work?

How entertaining is it to watch a bald floating head for 3-5 minutes?

Is the sacrifice in performance worth the ‘better’ look of mesh?

And the rez issues are not limited to clothing, though those are usually the most apparent.

I’ve gone to shows, taken pictures, and then been astonished after seeing someone else’s pics of the same show.

How come that prop didn’t rez for me?

There was supposed to be a pendulum in that act?

Another issue is that with mesh bodies, a lot of the lingerie (and some of the regular clothing) has to be ‘applied,’ so it’s not as simple to just ‘remove’ clothing.

If you strip or change costumes in a routine, this makes things even more difficult.

What do you think – is it worth wearing mesh in a dance routine?

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  1. As much as I love to watch mesh bodies move, and the smooth lines are great and all. But I have seen all of the things that you have commented on and add to it appliers not showing up so the dancer is naked or gray. I cringe deeply when I watch a stump dance for 3 to 5 minutes. I feel like until there are some significant changes in reliability that I cannot use my mesh body for performances. Add to that the limitations of costuming, not being able to find what I need to costume a particular act/ vision. I have seen it work well on performers but I’ve also seen it be a complete disaster so until it’s more reliable I don’t think I’m going to be using it on stage.I will just be using it for fun. despite the fact that I always strip to pasties and undies in my burlesque acts I do not want to be naked at a performance. That is my line.

    1. Yes, the appliers add yet another layer of complexity. I have seen stripping done, and done well, but it involved some serious planning beforehand to make the performance seamless (as well as multiple copies of the mesh body). It also seems to be rather hit/miss as to if/when the mesh body or other parts have rezz issues. I agree, reliability is huge issue when it comes to dancing with mesh!

  2. I don’t wear mesh in an act unless I’m a backup dancer and that’s what the costume is given to me. Only mesh I wear on purpose for stage acts is hair (sometimes) and my slink feetsies. I try to avoid mesh as much as possible. 🙂

    1. I am mesh hair junkie, so my hair is almost always mesh. 😛 I resisted getting mesh hands/feet for a long time, but finally caved. They just look soooo much better than the system avi hands/feet. Even my husband complains about his repeated bouts of permanent ‘jazz hands’ with the system avi. 🙂 I think mesh costumes are okay, as long as you aren’t removing pieces – those darn alphas take so long to remove that, even with a good system, there are torso-less dancers til they rez in!

  3. Yesterday I might as well not have gone to the Starlite performance because most of the acts were dancing heads or bald transparent armless footless bodies. I have no idea why mesh clothing and bodies are so unreliable for rezzing in laggy situations while mesh things in the set rez just fine or the mesh seats in the theatre rez just fine too, well eventually.

    Starlite is worse than any other dance venue place in SL but then he does allow 100 on the sim which is really pushing it too far.

    Armless and legless I can deal with because at least you see the dance. A bald head is a complete waste of time. The thing is the dancer sees her/himself perfectly but are you dancing for yourself or the audience? Most mesh skirts not dance well because of the stretching, even if they do rez which is not. Sadly menswear in mesh is so much better than the old clothing that a fair number of dancing heads are men nowadays, especially if they have mesh hands.

    It’s a huge dilemma for dancers these days as more and more things are mesh and certain dancers are wearing mesh bodies all the time now. I guess they don’t care or do they not know? I saw one discussion in FB where one dancer who always wears one talked as if you can’t see her perfect mesh body, you need to update your crappy hardware! Sorry but my year old computer cost me $3500 and it doesn’t get more powerful than what I have, except it’s a Mac so does have some issues with SL and FS in particular. But Toy IMed me at at Starlite yesterday and complained he saw only a dancing head for an act he had wanted to see particularly and he has a very powerful PC. Another friend there said the same thing about that and other acts. Sighs.

    Jo Balogh

    1. I have also occasionally run into someone who feels it’s ‘my’ problem if I can’t see everything, but they seem to assume you’re running on a 5 year old laptop or something. Part of the issue, I think, is that there are dancers who do costume changes – so you may see their initial costume fine, but then when they change, lag causes the newer costume not to rez.
      It is very frustrating to go to a show, especially when you are looking forward to a particular act, and then not be able to see it, something which you usually have no control over.
      I think part of the challenge of dancing/performing is making sure that you stay true to your artistic vision, but in a way that lets most people enjoy your art. As you say, if people can’t see your performance, what is the point?

      1. . . yeahhh . . what they all said ! . . . . . . . . . I have a pretty good connection and an up to date pc that was custom built for SL and I still regularly see disembodied heads bouncing around on stage , or footless , half transparent dancers . . So when I perform I avoid wearing any mesh for my stage performances . . I perform for the audience not just for my own amusement and so it would make no sense to me to perform knowing , that on a full sim , only half the audience would see everything I was wearing . . or that gorgeous mesh avi I’m so in love with that I don’t care if anyone else can see it or not . .

        1. Many people assume that out of date hardware is the culprit, but there are so many settings and factors involved in SL that it’s a wonder we see anyone properly!!

  4. Slightly off topic but you do know you can get a script for skirts that stops it cutting through your legs when you sit don’t you? Search marketplace and don’t dump your old clothing quite yet.

    As for mesh in performances…. with particular reference to sets, although it’s also true for attachments, there is no way to know if something hasn’t rezzed, the old “right click trick” worked great for regular prims or sculpties, usually making the entire link set appear instantly or at least giving you an idea of what was actually there by highlighting it, mesh doesn’t even highlight until it’s actually rezzed so you can click forever on the missing prim and still see nothing.

    Mesh props can have some nice details but it’s also dependant on the LOD factor used, some are visible for miles and some vanish if you zoom out too far, which can be a problem for the more spacious barnlike venues where you have to zoom out to view the entire stage and view the ant like performer in the surroundings as intended.

    For every day wear, for mesh clothing that doesn’t work with the limited alpha cuts on your mesh body, try making your own alpha for it and throw it in an applier, yes you really shouldn’t have to go to the trouble of doing this but it’s better than throwing out that nice new outfit you just bought that doesn’t work for you.

    1. Umm, no, I didn’t know there is a script for skirts. As for the issues with mesh rezzing, I run into that all the time. I went to Arcade looking for something specific, and could not find it. So I resorted to area search, zoomed to it, and the platform was blank! I had to scroll my camera waaaaaayyyyy back out, then back in, and then the machine appeared. ??? I have made my own alphas before, but I found it much less work to just make a ‘mesh’ shape. I modded my own shape and it fits 99.9% of the mesh clothing I buy, even without demo-ing. So I have 1 shape that I wear with my mesh clothing, instead of 9 bazillion alphas I had to make. 🙂

  5. Human Mesh clothes and avatars sound like an utter ball ache. Furries / Unclothed avatars however has awesome Mesh skills.

    Tokushi Keys mesh avatars look fab, don’t need all that faffing, are 1 click to wear and that is it. Aki’s avatars are good too (she does the mesh owl and husky avatars).

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