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Ok, now that I have your attention, I have a question.

Why is no one upset about all the nakedness in SL anymore?

LL spent a lot of time updating SL and changing the way things rezzed in order to avoid the dreaded ‘bake fail.’

People were fed up with other avatar’s clothing not rezzing properly and those avatars appearing naked.

I actually found myself in that very situation once.

I was attending a class, and I was appropriately clothed.

But when I tp’d to the class, I appeared topless to the instructor.

I saw myself clothed, as did the rest of the students in the class.

But the instructor insisted that I ‘fix’ the problem, or I would not be allowed to stay.

I rebaked.

I tp’d out and back.

I tp’d home and changed clothes.

I relogged.

Nothing worked.

It was so frustrating.

I never did figure out what was wrong, but suddenly, after trying all that, the instructor could suddenly see my shirt, so I got to stay.

When the SSA project was rolled out, I thought, great!

No more issues like that.

But now, with the advent of mesh, practically every time I tp somewhere, everyone is naked til everything rezzes in completely.

Not only do people have hair floating a foot above their heads, their pants are attached to their hands, and their feet are a foot to the left of their bodies.

Their boobs, though, always seem to rez in quickly.

So I’m surrounded by a bunch of naked avis at first.

How come no one is complaining about this?

Is it just me?

Does everyone else see mesh perfectly?

I don’t have a horrid/old computer system, so I don’t think it’s me.

In fact, I know it’s not just me – see this post by Nalates Urriah (scroll down – you’ll see it).

So how come unintended nakedness was such a problem before and now it doesn’t matter?

Have we all just accepted that with mesh, rezzing is always an issue?

If that’s true, how come the mesh objects in an area often rez quickly, but clothing and such doesn’t?

I’ve gone to several different events just in the last few days, and there have been naked avis at every single one.

Is it that the problem is too big to fix?

Or is everyone just ok now with naked boobs?

Do you have problems seeing mesh?

4 thoughts on “Boobies!

  1. Whenever I TP to Truth…everyone is nekkid. Bald, legless, I love the pants that shoot out sideways btw…that adds a fun dimension. I thought the SSA was supposed to fix all that..but no. While were on the subject of strange things that should have been fixed…let’s talk pathfinding. Go over to Uncommon Grounds….just over from Blue Moon and introduce yourself to my dog Eibher….he is typically hanging sideways, halfway up a wall, despite having pathfinding. Or my kitten who is hellbent on walking into a wall…repeatedly. Pretty sure he has lasting brain damage O.o.

    1. I don’t even know what pathfinding is, so . . . I do have two kitties, but I don’t have any issues with them walking through walls, thank goodness!

  2. People don’t complain about nakedness due to slow rezzing now because mesh is wonderful and if you say anything against it you are branded a hater, defriended, bombarded with hateful IMs and banished to the depths of hell for eternity.

    1. Well, I’m not personally offended by the nudity, but why bother having a ‘maturity’ rating for places if everyone is naked for the first 5-10 minutes? Then shouldn’t everything be rated adult?

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