Have We Hit The Wall?

Image Source: teamfunctionalfitness.com
Image Source: teamfunctionalfitness.com

Often when people have trouble coming up with ideas, they say they’ve ‘hit a wall.’

I have days like that when I’m trying to think of something to write on my blog (although it is usually me banging my head on the desk, not a wall).

You’ve wracked your brain for new ideas, and you’ve come up empty.

I’ve had a number of conversations with various people in SL about whether this is the case with dance in SL.

There have been some new tools released recently, but do they qualify as ‘new’ and ‘innovative’?

As one person said – do any of the new tools change anything from the audience’s perspective?

I’m not sure they do.

One of the things that always made things seem new (to me, at least) was new dance animations.

Sadly, it seems that there are hardly any new animations being released.

I used to go dance shopping every week to see what was new.

I can now go months before I see any new content.

Things that used to seem ‘new’ and ‘exciting’ have become old hat – particles, set changes, faders, etc.

When movers came out, walking on walls, flying, riding in a car – those were amazing things that were then possible.

But I can’t think of anything I’ve seen in a show lately that made me think, “Wow! That’s amazing – how did they do that?”

Maybe it’s just me.

What have you seen lately that made you say, “Wow!” ?


7 thoughts on “Have We Hit The Wall?

  1. I saw you, Kat, jump up on a static chandelier, causing it to swing, the did a double-back flip off of it. I said “Wow”. How did she do that?

  2. Things only appear new if you didn’t know about them before, movers didn’t accomplish anything new, you could always move, either manually or using xpose or similar products, it’s just that very few people would bother, what the products do now is make things more accessible for more people. You didn’t need something called “set rezzer” to rez sets, you could always fade things, do particles, lighting effects, whatever else the magic shiny things can do now, all you needed was a knowledge of scripting or a handy scripting gimp and a bit of creative imagination.

    **Disclaimer** I’m not saying these “new” products are no good, they are, I’m saying the end effect is the same…. and that’s not new.

    1. Very true, that new products are making things more accessible for more people. If you know how to script, you can probably do pretty much anything in SL. However, for those poor souls (like me) who know nothing about scripting, it’s not always that easy.
      I do agree that the end effect is the same, just the tools are getting better/easier/more plentiful. So if that is the case, have we hit the wall? There is nothing ‘new’ to look forward to?

  3. I saw someone who has stuck to the same MO for years change MO. It was a good change and he was rejuvenated from artistic stuff to becoming a funny man. Although not ‘wow’ it was certainly enjoyable.

    In the dance world, my last wow may have been Club Image’s particle shows? That was the last new thing I saw ‘as an audience member’.

    1. Perhaps, like Winnie, I just need to expand my horizons. Maybe things seem old and stale because I’m in a rut. *heads off in search of ‘wow!’*

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