1001 Inventory Items

1001This week I have a bit more time to play around, as it’s Spring Break.

So yesterday I spent several hours checking out some new things and working on my seemingly endless inventory sorting.

I decided to go check out the Skin Fair.

I’ve worn the same skin for several years and I thought maybe it was time for a change.

Because years in SL are like decades in RL, right?

I went to the Fair and wandered around, checking out all the booths.

I did find some nice skins, but none that really fit my pocketbook. :/

Plus, it was hard to justify buying a new skin when I had a huge folder of skins sitting in my inventory gathering dust.

I just bought a few new skins recently, when I bought my Maitreya mesh body.

I have my Laqroki skins I wear everyday, some Belleza skins, some WoW skins, and some Glam Affair skins.

That’s in addition to all the various skins I’ve picked up for use in routines – colored skins, pale/winter skins, horror/zombie skins, etc.

Since the skins folder was so full, I decided to sit down and go through them and make some hard decisions.

After a couple of grueling hours sorting through them and deleting ones I know I would never use, I reduced my inventory count by 1001!!

So as a present to myself for all my hard work, I went and bought a new skin. 😀

NewSkinI looked over several different skins at the Skin Fair, but I wanted to get a skin that included appliers for my Maitreya body.

After going through the whole fair, I ended up back at Eye Candi.

This is the Nina skin, and I was able to get appliers for both SLink and Maitreya with it.

I’m still in the process of making outfits using my new skins and Maitreya body.

I do wish there was an option to save a few presets of the alphas with the mesh body HUD.

SLink now offers that option with their Physique HUD, so hopefully Maitreya won’t be far behind. 🙂

I did also try out the Loud Mouth mesh mouth while I was at the Skin Fair.

I have to say, I found the PXL Sweet Lips much easier and less fussy than the Loud Mouth.

I’m not ready to invest in a mesh mouth just yet, but when I am, I’m pretty sure it will be the PXL lips.

Meanwhile, I will continue to try and whittle down that darn inventory count!