Age of Aquarius

I’ve always loved that song.

My parents were ‘baby boomers’ and that song got a lot of airtime in our house as I was growing up.

Yesterday I went to the Fusion Dance Crew’s ‘Age of Aquarius’ show.

It was a ‘walk through the 60’s.’

FDC RicIt was certainly more than just a dance show, with poetry incorporated, and commentary on some of the events.

Ric did an amazing number (sadly, I can’t remember the song), but it was about Vietnam and how those experiences affected the soldiers who fought.

The explosions, offset by the black spotlight, were mesmerizing.

It was truly a moving number.

I was very impressed by the special effects in the various acts.

FDC Ric 2Sometimes effects can be overwhelming, seeming to be there just for the sake of bells and whistles, but the effects in this show were very well done.

The moving background for this number, along with all the effects, was a bit disorienting.

That was intentional, as we followed the dancer through his acid trip, complete with emotes.

This show was a repeat performance, and I don’t know that there are any plans to perform it again.

However, FDC has another show coming up in April, so if you haven’t seen one of their shows, make sure to save the date on your calendar.