It’s Friday?

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My week has been kind of crazy in RL, and it’s got me all discombobulated.

I keep thinking that today is Saturday.

My kids are out of school for Spring Break, so next week promises to be crazy as well, with everyone home and in my hair all week.  :/

I spent most of my time in SL yesterday sorting through inventory.

I finally decided to tackle my folder of shoes. 😛

I deleted several pairs, boxed up a ton, took pics of the ones I kept, and organized them in my ‘wardrobe’ system so I can search for them when I might need them for a routine.


I started to work on my ‘costume’ folder, but after about 30 minutes, it was clear that a sort of those will require at least several days of work.   😦

I did also have a chance to try out some outfits with my mesh body and figure out the appliers.

I understand how the appliers work, but once you ‘apply’ parts of an outfit, they remain until you apply something else.

You can turn them ‘off’ with the HUD, but they are still there.

Surely there should be a way to ‘clear’ the appliers?

Yes, there is!

There is (yet another) applier you can get for free that will ‘clean’ whatever you have previously applied to the mesh body.

That should make my life easier when I start trying out my rather large lingerie/burlesque outfit collection. 😀

Now, what would be REALLY AMAZING would be if someone would make an Omega applier that could clean/apply via a chat command.


Because then you could use your dance HUD to ‘chat’ a command to apply/remove appliers during a routine.

Now, THAT would be cool. 🙂

Friday starts the weekend of dance shows, so check the blog calendar and check out something new.

Happy Friday, people!


One thought on “It’s Friday?

  1. This whole mesh thing is just meshing with too many things. Am I wearing my hands? Am I wearing my feet? Did I put on my feet and my pants disappeared? I only have 5 alpha layers…now I can’t wear the hair I want….has anyone seen my boobs? Wait, the outfit I picked for the dance is prim, not mesh, oh no, now where’s the applier for my nails…Oh, BTW…half the audience can’t rez that much mesh even with a mesh enabled viewer, so they can only see my head…except if I wear a mesh one…..O.o

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