Picture Proof

It's me!!  Image courtesy of Aelva
It’s me!! Image courtesy of Aelva

You know that old saying – ‘Unless there’s pics, it didn’t happen’?

Sometimes performances can feel that way.

You work so hard, you spend a lot of time putting a performance together, and then -poof- it’s over.


And if you’re like me, you often forget (or are too busy) to take snaps of the performance.

Thank goodness someone took a few pics from the first show at Le Artiste.  🙂

There are plans to film the acts, but of course that takes time.

So if you’re curious about the show and didn’t attend, take a look at these pics that Aelva was kind enough to share.

There are two acts that aren’t in the pics, so if/when those are filmed, I’ll let you know. 🙂

If you’re interested in Le Artiste, contact Yummy about joining the VIP group.

Those of you not in the US, enjoy your weekend!

Those of us in the US, don’t forget to set your clocks ahead tonight.

Daylight Savings Time.

Yay.  -.-

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