Disappointing Apps

DisappointmentI decided yesterday that I needed to add some apps to my iPad so that I could spend more time on my desktop working.

Then when I am out and about, I can still keep up with everything – Twitter, Flickr, Feedly, etc.

I’ve had Twitter on the iPad for a while now, and it works well.

I put Flickr and Feedly on the iPad and was hugely disappointed.

I wanted Flickr on it so that I could scroll through the pictures of the people I follow on a decent-sized screen, rather than on my tiny phone screen.

(I have a love/hate relationship with my smartphone – most days I think I’d be happy to have my old Blackberry or flip-phone back. -.-)

Imagine my surprise to find out that I can’t look at the photos of people I follow, unless I search each one of them by name.

The lovely ‘people’ tab, which is available on my desktop Flickr, is nowhere to be found.

So, into the app bin went Flickr.

Then I decided to load Feedly onto the iPad.

I use the WP reader, but honestly, I find it frustrating.

Unless the blog is another WP blog, I rarely get the updates, even though I’ve added the blog to my reader feed.

WordPress blogs that are self-hosted fare no better (which is why I rarely get Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme on Monday).

I did a bit a research about other readers, and thought I would give Feedly a try.

On the desktop, I like it.

I have almost 200 blogs organized into categories and I can quickly scan through most of the articles.

A ton of them are, of course, fashion blogs, and many (if not most) of them have photos.

Imagine my disappointment to discover that 99% of the photos from the blogs don’t load when I use the iPad app.

Now, for quick scrolling of blogs with actual articles, no picture is not a huge deal.

However, that’s probably 10 blogs out of the 200.

The rest (like me) try to include some sort of visual alongside the writing (because a great pic makes you more likely to stop and read).

So, into the app bin went Feedly.

If anyone out there is techy and I’m doing something wrong, or there’s some weird setting I could change to get pictures, please let me know.

If there are better apps out there, I’m listening. 😀