Pet Peeves 2

pet_peeveA while ago I wrote a post about some of my pet peeves in SL.

Frankly, some of them drive me absolutely batty.

Most of them are quick, simple, easy fixes.

They are (in no particular order):

Broken ankles – For the love of Pete, people – get an ankle lock!!  If you dance, you NEED one.  Mesh feet look lovely, but there are a TON of animations that make ankles look broken.

Like this:

BrokenAnkle1You can pick up an ankle lock for FREE!!!! at the SLink mainstore – right by the SLink feet.

You don’t have to own SLink feet or belong to the SLink group to get one (last I checked).

One of the worst offenders are ballet animations – when you wear tip toe or high feet and then use most ballet dances, your ankles look downright deformed.

SpotOn also gave out an ankle lock as a group gift, so dig through that inventory and put it on. 🙂

Face lights – While I was attending a class, I made a happy discovery.

If you use Firestorm (which I do), there is an option under the phototools to TURN OFF facelights!  Woohooo!

Now, it also turns off local lights, but most of the time the facelight causes more of an issue than the loss of local light sources.

So wear your halogen face lights – blaze away!

Caching – Please, please, please, PLEASE! When you dance, right before you go on, those few minutes while you are waiting on stage before your music starts, CACHE your dances.

You will catch any stragglers who arrived after you cached your dances the first time.

If you wait until the last minute to cache (and since it only takes a few secs, why not?), then most of the audience will see your dance as you intend, and not broken up with awkward pauses where it looks like you forgot what you were doing.

Feet in floor – This is another pet peeve, and one that is a very easy fix.  If you are using SpotOn movers, just page up before you start.  Glance down, and make sure your feet aren’t stuck in the floor.

Like this:

FeetInFloorIf you use other movers, take a minute and make a few adjustments to keep your feet out of the floor.

Often it’s those little overlooked details that can make or break the reality of your performance.

If you build/choreograph at home and then have to move everything to a venue, do a trial run and make sure your feet aren’t in the floor because things are slightly different at the performance venue.

Glide Dancing – I think this is one of the things I like least when I go to a dance show.

With the performance tools available in SL, it is a fairly simple matter to design your routine so that you do not ‘glide’ over the floor.

Take a few moments – tweak your movers and/or your routine for that realistic feel.

Add in a walk animation instead of just sliding over the floor doing your dance animation.

Watch your routine and note places where the dance animations lend themselves to movement across the floor.

Tip Jars – I have a love/hate relationship with tip jars.

I love to tip performers – they work very hard to provide quality entertainment.

However, I don’t like the way many tip jars are set up.

A running total, great.

Although I’ve been told by others if they see one dancer has a high total and another one doesn’t, they will tip the second dancer and not the first, regardless of any other factors (performance quality, etc.).

Tipping is such a subjective issue.

An ‘amount last donated’ line, great.

It’s always nice to see that people are tipping, although personally, I’d be ok with this not showing.

It doesn’t really matter to anyone, except perhaps the tipper and tippee, what the amount is, does it?

A ‘last donation by XYZ Resident’ line, great.

Again, always nice to see that people are tipping.

Performers do work very hard and dancing is a rather expensive proposition in SL.

But a ‘last donation by XYZ Resident’ AND an ‘amount last donated’ line?

A pet peeve, because I know that there are people out there who want to tip, but don’t want to seem like a cheapskate by donating $25L or $50L when someone else just donated $1000L.

Even though it might be their last $25L.

So many of them elect to just skip tipping altogether.

Which is a shame. 😦

One last thought –


5 thoughts on “Pet Peeves 2

  1. I think every venue should do tips for the troupe and divide it amongst themselves and the dj and the host/hostess and the house later. Every dancer has worked hard to build his/her set and create his/her dance. I spend what I consider a fair amount of money on tips and when I have to divide it amongst individuals as they dance I tend to tip those I know more than those I don’t. Plus I am constantly monitoring the tip jar as some are late to log in and quick to log out. I prefer to do it once then sit back and enjoy the performances. Yes note the amount if you wish but names? I think it’s better not to for the reasons you stated.

    The other thing I think is necessary is to create your set as if it is a work of art. Without you does it look good? Is it balanced? Do you have some part of your set that is demanding too much attention when it should be on you the dancer? I once saw a huge moving spider in a Halloween set that took my whole attention from the much smaller dancer. Then does your costume complement your set or do you blend into it so no one can really see you? Are you dancing too far back in the set? Yes some start there and move forward as they dance which is fine. But to do the whole dance way in the back makes no sense to me. Just take a few moments to check the whole effect of your creation. It’s so easy to get hung up on one part and forget what the audience sees.

    I’m sure I will think of other pet peeves as soon as I post this comment. 🙂

    1. Interesting points – I do try to view my sets as a ‘whole’ but wouldn’t have thought to put in terms of a ‘work of art.’ 🙂
      I also do not like it when dancers stay way at the back during the whole routine – part of the reason I don’t like large sets, because you miss so much trying to find the dancer.
      I never really gave much thought about the placement/workings of the tip jars (other than my own pet peeves), since most of the time, the venue owns the tip jars so they can take their cut.
      Perhaps it would be better to have permanent tip jars for each dancer during the whole show, although I would want them to be as unobtrusive as possible.
      Great thoughts!

  2. Not sure if you’re talking about hover text over tip jars or tip jars that talk in local chat, ” just tipped L$ . Thank you for the wonderful tip!”. A show I was at recently had those and the one act that did emote was hard to follow for the tip jar constantly spouting it’s nonsense to the entire room. If you really must have automated gratitude please consider sending it in an IM rather than to everyone within chat distance.

    1. I don’t like the hover text, I’d be fine if that went away. 🙂 As for the other, I’m never sure who all hears the chat, since again, the venue usually owns the tip jars, but I’m with you – chat, particles, sounds – get rid of it all. A script-generated thank you is nice, but not necessary. Just give me a jar (whatever it may look like), let me pay, and be done. 😀

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