Americana by Paramount Playhouse

Paramount Americana Ellis IslandI’ve been so busy running around SL exploring that I haven’t made it to many dance shows lately.

I did manage to catch a new show at the Paramount Playhouse on Saturday.

The new show is called Americana and had a number of well done acts.

The opening act starts appropriately on Ellis Island.

Dancing to ‘America’ by Neil Diamond, the immigrants arrived by boat.

As usual, Paramount had large acts on the main stage interspersed with smaller acts done on the apron of the stage.

I love the idea of having a smaller act entertaining the audience while a larger act is setting up on the main stage.

That means less time between acts and more acts to see in less time.

I personally, however, find it disconcerting when pieces of the set from the main stage ‘poke through’ the smaller set in front.

I missed a couple of great shots of a saloon act because modern streetlights from the next set were poking through the walls.

Paramount Americana Old FilmI could have derendered them, but then they wouldn’t have been visible in that set.  :/

I loved this set in the jewelry box – it was designed to look like an old film, and the screen texture flashed light and dark, simulating the old film feel.

I took a lot more pictures, so head on over to my Flickr feed if you’re interested in seeing them.

Paramount Americana Skid RowThis was by far one of my favorite acts of the night, just because I love, love, love Little Shop of Horrors.

The little ‘Audrey’ monsters are adorable, aren’t they?

This act was really fun and had me tapping my feet in RL.

Paramount Americana Route 66I’m not really sure how many dancers are in the Paramount troupe – they seem to have new ones every time I go.

But they put on a darn good show!

Americana runs through February, so if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure and check it out.