Persistence Pays

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I’ve been so busy over the last few days that I’ve even neglected my writing.

I have a performance coming up, and I was determined to make my routine my first real ‘all Artiste’ performance.

I did a short routine while initially learning the system, so technically this counts as my second ‘all Artiste’ routine.

But this will be the first one in front of a real audience.

It wasn’t easy.

When moving from one system to another, there is always a learning curve.

The Artiste system has a pretty steep one.

It does so many things that learning how each piece/part interacts with the others is sometimes overwhelming.

So I set about to learn a piece at a time.

I made my first routine (the gingerbread cookies in the oven) and felt hugely successful.

I used palettes as movers, I made things tip and rotate, I faded things in and out, I danced, I moved, I used dance groups – and it wasn’t THAT hard.

This time, it’s a solo routine.

I learned to use the Artiste rezzer – which offers so many capabilities that other rezzers don’t.

I can rezz sets, fade sets, crossfade sets, de-rezz sets – all with commands from my HUD.

And you can rezz more than 1 set at once!

I can even have the HUD tell the rezzer to kill all my rezzed items after my performance – so clean up is a snap!

For the solo, I built the set, put in the rezzer, set up my fades, run my emotes, do costume changes, run my dance sequence, open/close the curtains – but I was struggling with the movers.

After a couple of hours of banging my head against the wall and failing to get the movers to do what I wanted, I finally, out of desperation, IM’d a friend who uses it and asked for help.

She asked a couple of questions and – BAM.

We realized what the issue was.


The Artiste does rotations differently than any other system I’ve used.

Which is good, in my opinion.

But it was bad, because, although I knew that, I didn’t really understand how it worked in practice.

As an example, I used to use the HUDDLES dance HUD.

For emotes, I could insert an emote during a dance animation, and my animation would not be interrupted.

So my sequence could look like this:

dance 1|13.0|/me emotes something here|dance 1|15.0

With the HUDDLES, I would begin dance 1 and 13 seconds into the animation, the emote would fire.  I would then continue dance 1 for another 15 seconds.

When I switched to the Barre HUD, that no longer worked.

If I entered my emotes in that way, not only was there a few second lag for the emotes to fire, after 13 seconds of dance 1, rather than playing for an additional 15 seconds, the dance 1 animation would restart from the beginning and then run for 15 seconds.

Not the effect I wanted.

So, I had to learn a new way of thinking and doing things with the Barre.

Not bad, or worse, just a different way of thinking.

I thought I had adjusted my thinking with the Artiste.

I was wrong.

So I had to ‘undo’ my thinking about rotations and positions and how they work and learn a new way of doing with the Artiste.

Once I did, things went pretty quickly.

Because I was feeling so successful at accomplishing all the other pieces of my dance, I wanted to not only use palettes as movers, I wanted to use the powerful ‘sit2sit’ function of the Artiste.

This function allows you to jump seamlessly from one mover/palette to another during your routine.

Stop and take a moment and reread the sentence above.

Soak it in.

You can CHANGE MOVERS during a dance routine.

There are challenges, yes, but it IS possible.

I’ve done it.


It took hours.

And hours.

And hours.

But I did it.  (With help, of course.)

After a long, sometimes theoretical conversation with Yummy, I had another ‘aha’ moment.

I asked her how she would have approached my routine, given what I was trying to do, using the Artiste.

Her answers were eye-opening.

Because I have been so used to certain ‘can’s’ and ‘can’ts’ with the other systems I’ve used, I was unknowingly making some of those same assumptions with Artiste.

Big mistake.

I think that is why I have been so persistent at trying to learn all I can about the Artiste system.

It offers me so many possibilities – many of which I am sure I am still unaware of.

With it, I am empowered to create things I thought were impossible.

And with it, I am once again finding joy in the creation of dance. 😀


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  1. Thank you for posting this Kat. It’s encouraging. I have GREAT PLANS for the Artiste, and Yummy is the best “Customer Service” person I’ve ever encountered, both sl and rl. I’m doing my first use of the Artiste this weekend also . Very very simple. 🙂 But I’m still proud of it. 😉

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