LOTD #34

LOTD 34Do you ever have one of those days where you are in a reflective mood?

Everyone has seemed grumpy lately.

So I decided to spend some alone time and treat myself to some reflecting while I sat in a lovely garden.

Maybe some time among the flowers will chase away those winter blues.


Hair:  Truth – Vixen

Dress: Stella Jane – Velvet Halter Gown (fitted mesh) – Cinnamon Sparkle

Earrings: Chop Zuey – Amour Delicata Gold Earrings

Necklace: Chop Zuey – Amour Delicata Gold Necklace

Body/Hands: Maitreya – Lara V2.1

Skin:  Glam Affair – Margot – India02

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Pale Cerulean

Eyelashes:  Redgrave – Classy

Location: Calas Galadhon


2 thoughts on “LOTD #34

  1. Yup. I noticed it too. Seems to be a movement (for some or many) back to the basics of dance from whence we came, that of personal achievement where the dancer (that’s us) becomes the central-focal point as opposed to the show, audience-catering, or overall production.

    There seems to be 2 distinct camps of thought. Performing for self and performing for others.

    People seem to want to explore more of what THEY can do themselves to extend beyond the accepted norms where the performers set their own standards while they experiment, learn, and grow. Reflecting Nai’s reference to ‘assembly-line’ productions, there seems to be a quiet revolution away from ‘the grind’, to “smaller” in terms of stage-size, troupe-size, group-size, and performance frequency. I’ve heard people lately comment on ‘losing their mojo’, their desire and drive to create and perform.

    But we will see how this trend materializes over time.

    1. Perhaps the loss of ‘creative drive’ is due to the lack of innovation in the field of dance. There used to be new tools coming out all the time, it seemed. That dropped off to a trickle. Without the ability to perform something ‘new’ or ‘amazing,’ perhaps many lost their drive. Or perhaps it is frustration with available tools to ‘do’ what performers/creators envision, and those constraints lead to the loss of drive. Or perhaps there is a ‘shelf-life’ to being a dancer/performer, and some have reached their expiration date?

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