Starlite Show

Starlite1Last night I went to the Starlite show.

The show opened with a cute little number from Izzy to Anything Goes.

I love the sailor costumes on the guys.

It was a fast-paced number and the show kept moving right along.

The second number was new dancer, Julianne.

Starlite2She danced all over the boss’s office to Shake It Off.

A cute little routine.

The next routine was done by Paris, but unfortunately, my pictures didn’t come out. 😦

After Paris was Dee, who had shown me a preview of her routine.

After getting a sneak peek, I couldn’t wait to see the whole thing.

Starlite3Dee didn’t disappoint. 😀

I think this was my favorite act of the night.

It’s also my favorite picture from the show.

I love the simplicity and starkness of the set.

The song was lovely (I can’t remember the name of it offhand).

Very well done routine.

After Dee’s haunting number, Electra lightened things up a bit with her beach routine.

Starlite4The waves crashing over the rocks were a nice touch.

I’d love to have someplace warm like this to relax right about now!

After Electra was Deyna, dancing to Fields of Gold.

I love the song, but I’d never heard that version before.

The particle effects for this number were just lovely.

Starlite5There were delicate dandelions, beautiful butterflies, and pretty girls.

What more could you ask for?

At the end of each show, they do an audience participation dance.

I was lucky enough to be quick and got a spot on one of the movers.

Starlite6The dance was a mix of Meghan Trainor songs, and the last song was one of my favorites.

It was fun to be up on the stage with everyone one last time.

Devy did a great job with the audience routine.

8 thoughts on “Starlite Show

  1. You’re lucky you had a good experience last night. It was lag hell for me. And rezzing was a huge issue, most of all mesh. So for me Julianne a bald head bouncing around on the boss’s office desk, accompanied of course by her little voice activated ball. Sighs. Dancers need to turn of voice before they dance! Especially for videos! During Fields of Gold two dancers were completely rezzed but the third was a bald naked handless and footless person. I don’t understand why that is when the costumes are exactly the same. I didn’t even try for the participation dance last night as I usually do but Roni and Toy made it so they had fun. Grumble grump! LOL.

    1. Sadly, you weren’t the only one who was having issues – another friend was complaining about bald naked people too! I’m not sure why costumes don’t rezz when they are the same – I’ve wondered that myself. I was having issues when I first arrived, and ended up relogging twice to finally get set.
      I was lucky enough to get onstage for the audience dance, but it took me two tries. It may just be (with the advent of mesh hair, hands, feet, etc) that the days of arriving only minutes before a show are over. :/ I arrived 45 min early last night myself and still had issues, so it’s hard to know what to do.
      I had some of the same issues at Mayfair, even though I arrived over an hour early for the show. Pieces of sets and other things did not rezz for me – something I didn’t even realize in some cases until I saw someone else’s pics of the routine! 😛

  2. Kat: “It was fun to be up on the stage with everyone one last time.” What’s all this, then?

    1. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving the dance scene. 🙂 I have lots of opportunities and projects going atm (gotta keep all the irons in the fire hot!), so I’m not dancing at Starlite anymore.

  3. I wonder if the order, timing, and methodology of how performers get dressed has an affect on the appearance of mesh, esp. with regards to the alphas? I know it did with prims.

    1. I didn’t know the order made a difference? And since (I assume) most performers get dressed using a system outfit folder, how does that affect things?

      1. Well because when you wear a folder, the order in which items are worn is unpredictable, inconsistent when using REPLACE. And it appears you can have ‘competing alphas’ in that if they are applied to quickly and their is resource contention then it appears it can become confused about what to make visible. Without a doubt, processing alpha info too fast causes failed alpha applications. That i can attest to. That is how i solved the issue of failed reappearance of set pieces during my set-rezzing cycle so that the set cross-fades work reliably. I would speculate that many of the failed show-time costume rezzing could be “somewhat” relieved if there was removal of the worn outfit followed by a systematic piece-by-piece wearing of the new outfit….with special attention paid to when alphas are worn for best results.

        This helps feed the pipeline at a speed where it can properly digest how to co-apply the various alpha rules as well as allow mesh more time to properly do whatever it is that mesh has to do. This might explain why the same outfit can be seen on one avi an not the other…maybe by how they dressed, where they dressed, when they dressed…etc.

        As to how the same avi can appear correctly on some peoples computers/viewers and not on others, that could well depend on a number of factors…their graphics setting, when they arrived, what got cached, their internet connection, what else they have running on their machine along with SL, if they are on a wireless connection, their viewer version,

        I discovered in early versions of the Artiste that items that consisted of a lot of links, would often cause costume glitches…ie….pieces that got ‘stuck’ and doubly worn items. So after much experimentation, i found that manipulating the dressing and undressing phase in a granular fashion helped to immensely address and correct the problem of failed ‘redressing’ or outfit-changes.

        I added a feature called SmartChange that allows you to schedule when in the outfit change processitems are worn. It has adjustable delays to allow extra time where needed as well as built in adjustable auto-retries. Reattaching greatly improved the success of outfit changes that involved: shoes, hair, and jewelry where there are often a huge amount of links.

        Also the pre/post options of the Artiste SmartChange allowed for the issue of alphas to be addressed more granular by assigning them their own time slice, preventing seeing avatars with missing parts to their body during an outfit change by ordering when the alpha is applied.


        1. Wow. I had no idea the order in which alphas were worn made any difference. I knew there were delays in viewing when removing them, but not the other way ’round.
          Many performers have to do ‘quick-changes’ where they have only a few minutes between acts to change, so the outfit folders save time.
          However, if that leads to audience members not seeing pieces/parts, that’s an issue. I suppose you could make the outfit folder as usual and then ‘wear’ each piece in order manually, but again, that takes time.
          I have had it happen (at practice, never at a show that I’m aware of), where others would see me as bald. Sometimes a tp in/out of the region would fix the issue, other times a relog would be required. Neither of which are really feasible during a show. :/
          I think that’s why it’s becoming more and more important to arrive early at shows, when dancers/performers are caching sets, dances, costumes, etc. And even that isn’t fail safe. I’ve arrived at many shows 30-45 min prior to showtime and still had failed alphas, missing hands, hair, etc.

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