Wardrobe Sorting

I have one of these - I should probably use it more.  Image source: marketplace.secondlife.com
I have one of these – I should probably use it more. Image source: marketplace.secondlife.com

I like to think of myself as an organized person.

I try to keep things neat and tidy and put away.

Then I generally know where everything is. 😀

So my SL inventory often drives me batty.

I try to keep everything sorted into various folders.

But then I end up with folders with subfolders with subfolders with subfolders.

And that’s just for clothing.

Never mind the black hole that is my costumes folder or my ‘stuff for building’ folder.

Since I bought the Maitreya mesh body, I haven’t had much time to experiment with it.

I want to go through and see what clothing I can make work for it.

I’m lazy, so I like to make outfits.

Then I can just click and wear an outfit, and I’m all put together and ready to go.

But the idea of sorting through all my inventory clothing is overwhelming.

I don’t want to just throw away an outfit because it contains system layers, because I might be able to use it in a dance.

That said, I probably have a million ‘might be a costume’ folders in my inventory.  -.-

So, I’ve decided to do some early spring cleaning.

I’m going to go through my clothing folder (that means shoes as well – yikes!) and my costumes folder and do a purge.

It probably won’t be pretty, and I may need a box of tissues afterwards.

Everything is fair game and I am going to try and be ruthless in paring down.

Except for anything from !deviousMind.

That stuff is off limits.  😛

2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Sorting

  1. The most annoying thing I find is folders with no images. Jewellery is especially bad for that and now it seems a lot of mesh stuff comes with alpha images but no image of the outfit. They make images for the ads for pete’s sake. Put them in the package or folder! Grumble grump!

    1. Yes, I totally agree. And jewelry is another conundrum for me – do I put that set in the gold or green folder? Silver or pink? Black or silver? auuuggghhh!!

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