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While surfing my twitter feed the other day, I saw a post with someone’s screen shot.

It had a ton of windows open, but what caught my eye was the placement of the dance HUD.

It was floating around the middle right area of the screen.

I thought, ‘Wow – that is totally not at all where I would park my dance (or other) HUD.”

I like to have as much screen space open as possible, so I generally park my HUD’s off to the side of the screen, as out of the way as I can get them.

But then I got to wondering – where do other dancers put their HUD’s?

HUDsThis is how my screen generally looks (although I don’t normally have 3 HUD’s attached at once!).

So I can have my HUDs accessible, but they are enough out of the way that I can still see what I’m doing.

Is there a reason you place your HUD where you do?

Do you just use the default location and never move it?

12 thoughts on “HUD Preferences

  1. I’m with you Kat, mine are all pushed off to the side so that I have a view down the center. I seem to like my Dance HUD on the left and my other controllers like lighting or performance director on the right. I shudder when I think of newb Winnie with them all where they popped on and not knowing you could move or add them, lol. I just wish LL would let the writing on them be a little bigger. I have 2 HUDs, one for particles and one for lighting that have typing so small I begin to doubt my eyesight every time I add them.

    1. I rarely wear more than just my dance HUD when performing, I just can’t stand the visual clutter, I guess. I’ve seen people who have screens covered with windows – that would drive me batty!!
      I am totally with you about the small print – I don’t need to have all kinds of fancy fonts and such, but large enough to read would be good!!!
      I got a program from a show the other day, and the print was so small I literally could not read it – even with my nose almost on the screen. šŸ˜¦ And the program was not resizable. Not everyone has the eyesight of an 18-year-old. šŸ˜›

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