Avi Choice Awards – Dance!!!!

Image Source:  avichoiceawards.com
Image Source: avichoiceawards.com

Ok, I’m not sure why I haven’t seen this information all OVER my feed/news/groups/etc.

I am super excited about this, so I am sharing it here.

The Avi Choice Awards nomination process is now open and some of the categories include:

  • Favorite Particle Artist/Performer
  • Favorite Theater/Production Venue
  • Favorite Dance Troupe or Show
  • Favorite Dance Choreographer
  • Favorite Dance Choreography Tool
  • Favorite Dance Animations
  • Favorite Stage/Theater Costume Designer
  • Favorite Stage/Set Design
  • Favorite Arts/Entertainment SL Group

There are many other categories as well, but these are the ones for dance.

Don’t miss this opportunity!!!!

The nominations are open until January 28th at noon SLT (that’s only 4 days away!!!) and you have to provide your SL name with your nominations (it will be kept confidential).

Go here to enter your nominations.

You will also need to provide the avatar key for nominees.

I would love for everyone to nominate those in the dance community they feel deserve recognition for their efforts to elevate dance in SL.  😀

Why are you still reading this?  Go nominate!!!!!