SL SkinAfter buying the Maitreya body and playing around with it, my only real concern was that my everyday skin does not have any appliers for it.

I have been wearing a Laqroki skin for as long as I can remember.

I had one skin for a while and then decided I wanted something in a darker skin shade.

I’ve bought other skins over the years, but they just never seemed like ‘me’.

Since Glam Affair was the default skin for the Maitreya body, I went and purchased a skin from them.

But it just didn’t look like me. 😦

So I thought I’d compare some of my skins and see what the differences are.

I took a baseline pic wearing my Laq (mocha tone) skin.

Laq SkinI took off everything except a pair of earrings. 😀

The only real complaint I have about the skin is the mouth.

I always end up with a weird flat area on either side of the bottom lip.

Other than that, I’ve been pretty happy in general with the skin.

It has 10 different makeups and so I have a nice selection of options.

When I went shopping for new skins, it was a bit of sticker shock.

These days, one skin is the same price as what I paid for my entire pack.

Another stumbling block for me has been finding a skin that is close to my current tone.

Everything now seems to run to the (extremely) pale side.

I have a bunch of WoW Skins I’ve collected from various events, so I tried some of them on.

The skins were listed as tan, dark tan, and bronze, so I thought they would be close to my current skin tone.

Wow Greta TanNot so.

This is the tan version of Greta.

Not exactly tan, in my book.

And I’m getting weird shadows all over.

The lips do seem a bit nice than Laq, though.

Maybe dark tan will be better.

Wow Greta Dark TanWell, it’s a little better.

Still not close to my current skin tone.

And still getting weird shadows around my eyes and out from the nose.

I do like the little beauty mark.

Cute, but still not ‘me.’

So I thought I’d try the ‘bronze’ tone.

Wow Greta BronzeHmmmm.

Seems bronze is not darker than dark tan.


And still with the weird shadows.

Just FYI, I did not move, change camera position, or do anything to these photos, other than crop and resize.

So, it doesn’t appear that WoW Skins is ‘me’ either.

Since I have the Maitreya body, I went to Glam Affair and tried their skins.

I must say, their skins run to the pale side as well.

GA Asia GiftSince I was finding the new skins so pricey, I went looking to see what I already had.

I found a GA skin in the Asia tone that I picked up somewhere.

Too pale.

Weird shadows out from the nose again.

But loving the lips!!!

After much searching through the various skin tones of GA, I decided that the India tone would be the closest to my current skin.

GA Amberly IndiaMy timing was good, and I managed to pick up the Amberly skin during a FLF sale.

Only $50L for 10 skins, which was a complete steal!

I won’t use the Asia tone ones, but the India tone is close to my current one.

Again, loving the lips.

But I don’t get why the weird shadows coming out from the nose.

I also picked up a Margot skin from GA.

GA Margot IndiaI like the Margot skin a lot.

Just a nice, clean look to it.

I love the brows here.

And though it’s not as dark as I would like, it’s close enough for me to live with it.

Since GA skin appliers are included with the Maitreya body, it seemed like a no-brainer.

Easy skin matching.

Oh, I could try and use the RGB picker to match my Laq skin, but it never seems to look exactly right.

Before I bought the Maitreya body, I was seriously considering the Belleza one.

I might still get it.

I have some Belleza skins, so I pulled them out to see what they looked like.

Belleze Mya PaleAgain, some of them are very pale.

I love, love, love the cat eye makeup on this skin.

And the lips are pretty damn good too.

But still the weird shadows out from the nose.

Or am I just seeing things?

Nice, but too pale for me.

Belleza MimiMimi is slightly darker, but not enough.

A nice, clean fresh look.

But the mouth seems somehow ‘off.’

Weird shadows.


Well, maybe the Belleza mocha will be closer to ‘me.’

Belleza Shyla MochaI asked for darker, didn’t I?

Maybe this is just a tad too dark.


Well, it’s at least closer.

So I know have a decent option if I decide to get the Belleza body.

And going back and looking over all these skins, it’s amazing to me how much of a difference just changing skins can make.

What skin is your ‘everyday’ skin?

What skin makers do you love?

2 thoughts on “Skin

  1. I don’t think I’m a typical in that I only wear two skins although I do have tons of them. Both of them are more than two years old. Tuli is my favourite skinmaker although she seems to have disappeared again so I doubt there will be appliers for my Tuli skin in the powder shade for any of the mesh bodies. Luckily she made slink hand and feet appliers and her store still exists.
    I also wear a League skin in a light tan shade and they have made appliers for all the mesh bodies. So there is one for my Maitreya body and my Slink body which I never wear so was a total waste of money. The Belleza body was never a consideration for me because those skins do not suit my avatar at all, even though they are very beautiful, they aren’t me. The Glam Affair skins are ok but a bit perfect looking and I don’t mind the bargain ones I got but the convenience of one click is very tempting so I am sure I will wear them with some outfits.

    Long ago I decided that I wanted people to be able recognize me when they saw my avatar. I have never worn anything other than red hair, mostly short curly or updo. My face is fairly distinctive and I found the perfect eyes some years ago and never change them. I never changed my body until mesh came along and now I have dozens of slightly different
    mesh shapes for different creators. Sighs. Some of my close friends I wouldn’t recognize but for the tag over their heads they change everything about themselves so often. Just not my philosophy.

    1. I agree. 🙂 I like the look and curves of the Maitreya bod, but the face just isn’t me. It seems . . . softer, more babyish than my old skin. Maybe it will just take me getting used to it. I, too, generally wear the same eyes, and the same shade of hair color, though I do change everything up if a routine calls for it. 🙂

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