LOTD #19

LOTD 19I am having a lot of fun with the LOTD posts.

I get to see what it is in my wardrobe, and I get to play around in Photoshop.

However, it does get a bit frustrating trying to find decent poses that don’t all look the same.

So I think I will try a few photos where I am dancing and see if I can get some snaps that have some movement to them.


Hair:  TRUTH – Gattina – LightBlondes01

Dress:  Rebel Hope – Holly Mesh Dress

Earrings: Aly – Diamond Teardrop Vintage Earrings

Necklace: Aly – Diamond Teardrop Vintage Necklace

Bracelet: Plastik– Aerin Cuff – White Chrome

Shoes: N-core – Chloe – White

Skin: Laqroki – Martina – Mocha

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Pale Cerulean

Eyelashes:  Redgrave – Classy

Nails: Angel Rock – Capria

Pose:  Tuty’s

3 thoughts on “LOTD #19

  1. Taking photos when avatars are dancing is quite tricky since the capture may be very good animation wise but the background not good. This is when freeze frame is essential and you can recompose the shot to be hopefully better and refresh and save. Ticking the slow animation is also a good idea too. Plus knowing the dance really well helps so you know when the good “poses” are coming up and are prepared.

    Kiss, Kiss!

    This is actually taken during a dance routine but on a dance platform, not at a performance. Looks like a static pose doesn’t it? I wish I could take photos at performances but I have enough trouble staying online then, let alone taking photos.

  2. Oh sorry, I thought that was just a link. Somehow it turned it into the photo. The mysteries of WordPress!

    1. No worries, I actually enjoy seeing the photo. 🙂 I have not played around with either freeze frame or the slow-mo, so I will have to try that. I’m thinking part of the trick to making it ‘feel’ like movement will be to include clothing that ‘moves.’ So that may be somewhat limiting as well. I’ll see how it goes. 😀

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