How Do You Organize Your Inventory?

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Maybe I should ask whether you organize your inventory. 😀

My inventory isn’t huge (only 35K), but it is certainly large enough for things to get lost.

One of my pie-in-the-sky wishes has always been a way to search your inventory by creation and/or acquisition dates.

If I could sort by age, it would be so much easier to decide whether or not to chuck something, based on how long it’s been gathering dust in my inventory.

I love to shop.

And with the number of free/inexpensive items available in SL, I am constantly picking things up that I think I can/will use in a dance routine.


So I pick it up, put it in my inventory, and then promptly forget all about it.

I do keep my inventory organized.

I have clothing in one folder, with subfolders like shoes, sweaters, dresses, etc.

So I would find my Maitreya shoes in the clothing>shoes>high heels>Maitreya folder.

I have a separate folder for routines.  That folder has subfolders for costumes and accessories.

But again, stuff gets lost.

And these days, it’s rare to get an outfit that actually contains a picture of the item.

Consequently, I have no idea what the ‘Celtic Crimson’ coat looks like without trying it on.  (The coat is actually grey, FYI.)

Many times, when trying to decide what folder to put an item in, I’m in a quandry.

It’s green, but it’s also a dress, but it’s latex, it could be futuristic, but could also be  . . . etc etc.

I’ve purchased several items over the years to help, including a fancy wardrobe organizer.

But frankly, it would take me a year to go through my entire wardrobe to label everything.

And that’s just clothing!

So how do you organize your inventory?

How do you know where to find things when you are building a set?

Putting together a costume?

Do you group by style?  Color?  Mood?  Era?

4 thoughts on “How Do You Organize Your Inventory?

  1. By reguarly deleting entire folders of stuff. If I do not use it, I do not keep it. As long as my inventory is below 5,000 I am happy. 🙂

    1. Mine is at 35K. And, admittedly, could be a lot less, as probably at least 10K is clothing I rarely/never wear. But you never know when you’ll need something for a routine. 😛

  2. “Sort” button at the top of your inventory has handy ways to do what you want. Try sorting By Date and uncheck Folders Always By Name.

    1. Yes, I’ve tried this approach. But it doesn’t really work, unfortunately. If a folder (say, clothing) has had anything put into it recently, it will appear at the top, regardless of the other items. So I still end up digging down through folder after folder after folder, which doesn’t make it any faster.
      So for now, I am making a daily cleanse part of my to-do list. One day I will work on shoes, another on pants, one on jewelry, etc.
      After a year or so, I should have it pared down! 😛

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