Sci-Fi Lovers Unite!

ST TOSIt’s been announced that the 8th Annual SL Sci-Fi Convention will open on February 20th and run through Sunday, March 1.

A while ago, the people behind the convention were asking for name submissions for the 6 six sims that will hold the convention.

The theme of the convention is ‘sci-fi resorts’ and they have compiled the list and asked people to vote here.

I don’t know how much longer the voting will remain open, but head over there and vote for your favorite submissions.

The convention is a RFL event, so start saving up your L$ for a good cause. 😀

Then head into your inventory and dig out your favorite sci-fi outfit and get ready for fun!!!

I threw on a couple of Star Trek uniforms I’ve had forever and visited a few ST sims just to get in the mood. 🙂

I even managed to find the time portal.  It’s located somewhere on Vulcan, I think.  It gets so confusing when you are planet-hopping. 😛

ST NGI’m not sure what city/planet is showing up on the portal, but it looks beautiful.

Although the atmosphere on Vulcan was absolute hell on my fair skin.

Seriously, where can a girl get a facial around here?