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After various conversations with friends and after reading a blog post about recent changes to the grid, I got to thinking.

Dangerous, I know. 😛

What do you do with your lindens?

Do you direct buy lindens?  Do you market buy lindens?  Do you buy lindens at all?

When you have lindens, what do you spend them on?






Dances? (I HAD to throw this one in!)





How do you decide what is worthy of your ‘linden love’ and what isn’t?

Do you have a particular designer you follow?

Do you tip when you go to events? (Dance or other types)

Do you donate to causes?  Which ones?

My inquiring mind wants to know! 😀

6 thoughts on “Linden Love

  1. Tier, tips, props, and costumes. Every now and then a gift for someone. I think that’s about it. I am one of those odd females who detests shopping in both lives, I’d hire a personal shopper in both lives if I could afford one.

    1. I detest shopping in RL, but I spend waayy too much time at events and hunts. I do like to pick up nice items for free, but sometimes I just can’t resist that cute dress or darling shoe . . . speaking of which, there are some unicorn heels at Collabor88 calling my name!!

  2. I don’t count paying the tier for my 1/4 sim as spending my Lindens, since my credit card takes care of it every month, but it is by far my largest SL expense.

    My next largest expense in the last year has become tipping as I became a “dance groupie” although I do tip djs at clubs and venues too. I usually shop at the more reasonable events like Collarbor88 and get some very nice outfits as group gifts. I tend to be a “bargain hunter” on the whole since my tier cost is so large. I used to hunt and still cherry pick the occasional hunt item I know is good. My inventory is way too large after 7 1/2 years to continue this practice and I can type almost anything into the search box and get a hit!

    I’ve “owned” my land for six years and my current house cost $1 on MP but I did build on a second storey and made other modifications to it. I furnished it once, although I do add things and put things away now and again. I built both my galleries but spent a fair amount of money landscaping them and my house lot over the years.

    I collect SL art too and one of my galleries has a large section devoted to that, although I ran out of space long ago and some of it resides in my inventory. I used to own and curate an exhibition gallery for other artists which was a very big monthly expense but closed that down several years ago.

    My land is on a Linden sea so I used to spend money on boats and accessories but tend to be more a landlubber now and haven’t been sailing in ages.

    I do buy dances although I don’t know why. At home I stuff them in my solo Intan but I usually dance on my friend’s hud since she is so good at matching dance to music in clubs and she has a huge number of them. Although if I am on my own I will give it a go too. Most clubs have a terrible selection of solo dances!

    Sighs, I don’t know where they all go but those lindens disappear regularly and I have to top them up. This is depressing. Can we change the subject now?

    1. Lol, Jo. I have no idea where my lindens go either. I’m convinced that small elves/fairies/dwarfins chew a hole in my pockets and steal them!!

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