LOTD 7Why, yes, my melons are for sale!

This is an older outfit, and I think I will be retiring most of the pieces from it.

The bracelets are kind of clunky, and I’m just not feeling the latex pants.

I love, love, love the stiletto boots.  They are one of the first pair of shoes I bought in SL.

But they use (gasp!) invisiprims, and although I can make them work with alphas, I think they are past their prime.

The top is mesh, but I’ve never been able to get it to fit well with my shape.


Hair:  >TRUTH< – Colbie – Reds03

Shirt: Sassy! – Bliss Halter Top – Sky

Pants: Kastle Rock – Slap My Ass – Black

Bracelets: Bracelet Mess Dark

Earrings: Zuri’s Hoop Earrings

Nose Piercing: Faux Posh – Single Gem Nose Stud – Diamond

Boots: Black Snakeskin Stiletto

Skin: Laqroki – Martina – Mocha

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Eyes: Redgrave – Kiara – brown

Eyeliner: NOYA – Liner

Eyelashes:  Gaeline – Davina

Nails: Angel Rock – Capria

Pose:  Diesel Works – Aurora9

2 thoughts on “LOTD #7

  1. Remember when modding your shape to get a good fit with mesh clothing there are three values for boobs which can be altered. It is usually the boobs that are the issue for most I think. But sometimes it’s just a poorly made alpha and nothing you can do unless you are willing to remake the alpha in PS which frankly is not usually worth it.

    Until I was made aware of this notion, for the longest time I just modded the boob size, totally ignoring the other two sliders. But it has helped to salvage a lot of clothes since I started changing all three.

    Not only do I have separate “mesh” shapes for every creator but sometimes I have to have different ones for things by the same creator! So much for standard shapes for mesh and one of its huge downsides for me.

    JMB Balogh

    1. What do sliders do you change usually? Most of the time, breast size is enough to get most things to fit for me. I have one shape that I have modded specifically for mesh, and it has let me wear almost every mesh item I’ve purchased. I only have about 4 different shapes, and I think that’s too many!!!

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