Expanding your audience: joined posts and reply posts

I love this idea and I am certainly up for doing a joint post! Now to find some willing victims, I mean, erm, participants! 😀

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Let me start this blog-post with wishing you all a wonderful, creative, healthy and happy 2015, with lots of blogging and fun!

One of the returning questions on this site and in other platforms is: how to get more readers to my blog?

In December fellow contributor Finn posted various useful tips on that matter in this post.
In today’s article I will focus on two types of blog-posts that are not only fun to do, but they will surely help  you in getting more readers!

The ‘joined’ blogpost

A joined blogpost is a blogpost you do together with another blogger, and both make their own version of what is featured.
It could be a variety of topics and it is certainly not limited to fashion! You could choose a location, or the same outfits, a decor item or well…anything really!
Also, if you are really into something different: try…

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3 thoughts on “Expanding your audience: joined posts and reply posts

  1. I am a willing victim for the joined-post….if only I knew of anything. I guess i can fake it like i usually do.

  2. From travelling around in SL…i thought the answer to every question was…bondage. Is it just me? “Yes its just you, Yummy, you sick pervert!”, heckled from afar..

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