Learn Something New

LearnI went to a show last night for some entertainment.

Little did I know I would be learning something too!

Winnie did a cute little number to a Joe Cocker song.

I had no idea he was British.

Live and learn.

Winnie JoeI was able to run at Ultra graphics for the show, surprisingly, even with about 70 people on the sim.

So I was seeing lots of details I haven’t been able to before.

I did have some issues with things rezzing, but I got there later than I usually do.

I love the set backdrop for this one – the peeling paint texture of the Union Jack.

And the outfits were adorable as well.

Winnie had a whole troupe of dancers.

Winnie Joe TroupeBrilliantly done, Winnie!



4 thoughts on “Learn Something New

  1. It was a great number and I got to be one of Winnie’s “friends” for this. Well she and I have been friends for a long time in SL so it was fitting. LOL. Second on the right from Winnie but I do have red hair which didn’t quite show up.

  2. Thank you Kat! I was so sad that Joe Cocker passed away and wanted to do something and when I asked if anyone wanted to do it with me the response was clearly enthusiastic 🙂 I didn’t know he was British either, but it made for a darned fun set.

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