Lend a Hand?

I love her work – I am definitely getting myself one of those prints and I can’t wait til this sim is set up and I can go experiment and play myself!

Whiskey Shots


I’m pretty lousy at this part.

I’m going to ask you for support. And that’s not something that comes naturally to me. I’m proud of my resourcefulness and independence, but I’m also smart enough to know that asking for help when you need it is being resourceful as well. In theory. In practice, I’m pretty lousy at that.

But I do need help. I need support. I don’t have the resources to create my project alone.

My LEA Sim project is titled Nothing Endures But Change. If you’d like to review my actual vague project plans, they’re here. But the bottom line is, instead of creating one large, immersive build, I intend to build dozens of smaller builds to be used as photo sets over the next several months. My hope is that other folks will be inspired to come create their own 2D images of my 3D…

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