To Mesh or Not to Mesh?

Maitreya HUD - Image Source:
Maitreya HUD – Image Source:

With the release of Maitreya’s new mesh body (and it’s more reasonable price point), I have been again considering the purchase of a mesh body.

I just can’t seem to make myself pull the trigger, though.

I was leaning towards the Belleza body, but then all the DMCA fuss happened, so I put it on the back burner.  (I’m feeling metaphorical today, obviously.)

Anyhoo – here are my thoughts regarding mesh bodies.

One – I’ve already invested in SLink hands/feet, so having to junk those (and the shoes that go with them) leaves a major dent in my wallet as well as my wardrobe.

Two – I have a LOT of system clothing/outfits that I use when I dance for costumes.  The thought of having to toss over 1/2 of my wardrobe is not appealing.

Three – I do not like the mesh heads at all.  I get the appeal, with the changing expressions and all, but to me, everyone ends up looking like Barbie.  The same Barbie.  Just different skin colors.  Barbie.

Four – there are now so many choices of mesh bodies, it’s hard to know which one will work the best for me.  And given the cost ($3-5K) for a body, it’s not a small investment.  For me, anyway.  (If you think $3-5K is cheap, I’ve got some swampland in Frisland to sell ya!)

Five – Appliers.  These are already a headache enough for me with the SLink hands and feet.  I can’t imagine wearing mesh breasts and a mesh booty as well.  How do you not go mad?  And then to learn that you’ve invested in a body and your favorite skin maker doesn’t make appliers for it?  Frustration galore.

Six – I read today in other post there’s a rumor that mesh bodies actually don’t look all that great when you take pictures on Ultra settings.  Whaaa???

Seven – I have a lot of mesh clothing that I’ve collected over the past year or so.  But not all mesh clothing works with all mesh bodies – so I would end up having to toss a lot of it too?

Eight – For dancing, mesh is often a poor choice, especially given the time it takes for alpha layers to disappear and the avatar bod to reappear.  Watching torso-less or leg-less people dance is not entertaining.

Nine – after reading back over my list, these are mostly negatives.  The positives? Nicer curves.

Ten – That’s it.  I can’t think of another positive.

Readers?  Help me out here?

11 thoughts on “To Mesh or Not to Mesh?

    1. Yes, true, that’s another reason not to use a mesh body when dancing. Especially if you change from mesh to the regular avatar and back – it’s happened that some people look like floating heads because the mesh body took forever to rez in for the audience.

  1. I got the Maitreya body demo a few days ago and still undecided on whether to go for the full version. I’m also at a loss to the advantages of it though I have to say:-

    One – you can use your slinky hands and feet with it so not a loss there.

    Two – 99% of my wardrobe is system clothing, I’ve still not properly got the hang of mesh clothing.

    Three – you don’t have to wear a mesh head, I believe these are sold separately anyway.

    Four – $3-5 one off payment isn’t much considering your $10 a month SLgo subscription which you use to take occasional snapshots

    Five – Appliers are pretty much system clothing with the additional bonus of glitch alpha layers, there’s also not that much choice yet.

    Six – The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

    Seven – At least some of your collection of mesh clothing should work, not like system layers.

    Eight – Nothing new for mesh bodies then, mesh sucks!

    Nine – Curves are good.

    Ten – Apparently you don’t get the same body distortion you can see with some animations, so I’m told, see point six.

    Whilst playing with the Maitreya demo and trying various mesh outfit demos with it I realised that you end up covering the body anyway so what is the actual point of having a body that you can’t see or is invisible in parts so it doesn’t poke through your clothes? One example was a cute dress from GField, so far so good, it covered my mesh body and actually fitted my shape with only a few parts requiring the invisible touch, next I found myself looking for mesh tights to go with it but I realised that this was pointless as the entire mesh body would not be visible, so I took off the body and hey presto system tights worked perfectly.

    Another disadvantage I found was when trying to make little parts of the body invisible to fit mesh clothing there usually seemed to be an overlap of the sections you could invisiblize, ie either the body pokes through the clothing or there’s an invisible part of your body above the edge of the clothes, they never match up, where as with regular mesh and alpha layers you could at least make your own alpha.

    As someone new to trying mesh bodies I don’t really see the point of them unless you want to be nuddy.

    1. One – ok, cool, so not a complete waste of L$ there if SLink hands/feet work with it. Although the Maitreya comes with it’s own hand/feet, yes? I wonder if SLink shoes work with the body feet?
      Two – I’ve collected mesh clothing because I do like not having my dress poke through the back of my chair when I sit down.
      Three – I know you can wear your own head, which is probably what I would do (especially given the extra cost for some of the mesh heads). However, I’ve read there are often ‘seam’ issues at the neck then.
      Four – Ouch. Perhaps, but it’s my money, and my priorities probably don’t match everyone else’s.
      Five – I must confess, appliers just give me a headache. I matched my skin, can’t I just leave it at that? I often wear ankle boots instead of heels to get around the stocking matching issue with mesh feet/shoes.
      Six – I merely mentioned this because most people want mesh bodies to look better, so having them look worse at higher graphics settings seems odd, at best.
      Seven – True, but as you discovered, the alpha is often the issue. And with no option to make your own alphas for the mesh bod, much of my clothing would be unwearable.
      Eight – My own personal opinion when it comes to dance. For everyday wearing and things like fashion photography, I get it. Who doesn’t want to look good?
      Nine – Curves are good. I hate how the avatar bod distorts when you move in certain ways – flat butt, weird shoulders, etc.
      Ten – An echo of Nine, I suppose.
      And yes, I totally agree – if you actually wear clothing, 70% or more of your bod ends up covered anyway. For the 2% of time that the body would actually be visible, I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle.

  2. I use the Eve mesh body (only), with my normal head. And I love this for stage as the detail is by far superior to the system body. (Lets just spell it out). – Especially if your going to be doing any type of semi nude or nude sets. The bits parts are very detailed with the right skin. Also you don’t have any of those ugly texture smears between your legs when dancing… and I mean any style.. spread leg… bending over… or any other dance you’ve avoided in the past because it’s just looked awful because of those nasty body and/or clothing texture smears. But not all skins are the same for Mesh… Try Demos and watch how the shadows are applied to these areas by the makers. Dance with the Demo’s and watch.

    I never use alpha Layers for clothing on stage. There’s always going to be a problem when changing outfits or removing clothing. My mesh body I use like many others on the market does have lots of alpha layer options for fitting. However… There is also lots of clothing items that doesn’t need these layers. Even when I use my regular SL system AV on stage.. I wear Mesh and prim items only to avoid this if an item is going to be changing or removed. Do you have as many clothing options… No… but there’s still tons. And I much rather go out of my way a little then have a Alpha Layer and/or Texture delay ruin my set. I buy *fitted* Mesh clothing for my Mesh AV and have no problems. No Alpha to Texture Layer Delays. Shop Smart and plan your outfits accordingly.

    My Mesh Body is Slink compatible.

    A bad *looking* Mesh AV with higher graphic settings depends on the skin amelioration textures and more so the specular adjustment of the skin. Your body can be *to shiny* under high graphic lighting settings and not match the SL system head/skin as far as that lighting *reflection* goes. I’m not sure about other Mesh Bodies but the Eve Body has an adjustment to correct this where it can be toned down.

    There can be issues with group sets where there’s Wardrobe changes. When you have some Dancers with regular SL bodies and some with mesh bodies… I don’t even need to go into this… Let the woes begin!

    I’m far from being an expert on Mesh. I’m just going from my experiences and school or hard knocks. Do I like my Mesh Body.. *Yes*.. Are you going to have to replace most of your current wardrobe… *Yes*… Is this a benefit for a Dancer… *Maybe* It depends… (If you plan your dance sets for it). I use both my Regular AV AND my Mesh Body AV (with the same shape), depending on the type of set I’m doing.

    My personnel opinion is… (and speaking a little bluntly). If you do any semi nude or nude sets. *Get a Mesh Body* Hands down the best way to go. If not…Well… I wouldn’t worry so much about it, (at the moment).

    But that being said… I do know a lot of top dancers that have… and are converting to mesh. So it is a trend that’s gaining momentum…

    1. Who makes the Eve body? Yes, all valid points. And I do know several dancers who use mesh bodies when they dance and have found ways to work around the various issues.
      It will be interesting to see what happens down the road.

  3. ABSOLUT CREATION is the Company… By Ginger Chevalier. It’s one worth trying a demo if anyone is interested in possibly buying a mesh Body. I tried several (but not all)… before finally going with this one. They have lots of extras like free Designer kits for anyone who would like to make there own skins and clothing appliers. (Photoshop required). And if you run a marketplace search for (Evemesh). There’s like 167 pages of clothing already, with tons more stuff in there stores not listed, so a lot of creators have an interest in this market which I was happy to see.
    My advise is to try those demos.. All the ones I tried demo’s on has differences. Both in looks and options. Also differences in what is currently available on the marketplace as far as clothing, etc. for the particular model. (Something else to think about). *sigh* lol…

  4. Well I just love the Maitreya body and shelled out the lindens for it. It has the loveliest boobs and butt out there so far. I love my slink hands and feet but hate mucking about with appliers every time I change outfits and I only wear two skins! As for all those wretched Slink nail huds, I gave up on those long ago. Too much fussing about so now I just wear a soft neutral go with everything colour. I did buy the slink body but it’s too much trouble and has been bettered now.

    I’m happy to use the Maitreya hands and feet (hopefully they’ll make some shoes for them soon) and I bought a Glam affair skin so one click and everything matches. Even though it’s a very comprehensive hud it doesn’t work with all mesh clothes. As someone said above, you can get transparent slivers where they don’t match up with the clothes. Mesh clothes, hair and hands and feet and bodies are wonderful for photography and if you don’t move. It’s another matter for dancers who are constantly moving.

    I go to a lot of dance performances and half the time mesh hair, hands and feet do not rez for me or they take a very long time. Or 5 dancers will have the same mesh outfit on and only 4 of them rez properly. Funnily enough, one GB dancer who always dances with a mesh body rezzes for me immediately. On the other hand I have seen some dancing heads on many other occasions. I think part of the problem is some dancers are changing costumes so quickly since they are in different numbers and it takes time for the textures to cache in our viewers.

    The truth is mesh is here to stay. It will become harder and harder to find non mesh clothing and non mesh hair is almost impossible to find now. Although some creators do a combination. Don’t throw out anything you love that is not mesh.

    LOL. I know my comments are useless to you since they are not from a dancer’s point of view. But as part of the dance audience I like non mesh so I can actually see the full performance. I do have a very good one year old computer too, with 16GB RAM and a high end graphics card. Sighs.

    1. No, I’m VERY interested in the audience’s point of view! Keep commenting!
      I agree, mesh is here to stay – the sticky part is how to make it work. I will say that I like the ‘fitted’ mesh and generally don’t have alpha issues with it.
      The Maitreya body having hands/feet that come with it is appealing. But having to buy a new skin isn’t. However, maybe it’s time for a change. Idk. I do find it interesting that one mesh body seems to always rez while others don’t. Any clue which mesh body maker it belongs to?
      I know we spend a fair amount of time caching costumes and dances and things before a show, which is why I generally arrive early to shows – to give my poor old PC time to cache everything!

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