The Weeping Willow Girl – in-world game preview

This sounds like a lot of fun! Looking forward to playing when it’s released later this year.

Mona Eberhardt

A huge tree stands in the middle of a clearing, and on its trunk it bears a strange formation that looks a lot like a human face, staring sadly at passers-by; if you look closely at this face, you can even see what seems to be tears flowing from it. Under the tree’s shade, a little squirrel awaits to introduce whomever would be willing to listen to the story of the Weeping Willow Girl, a little girl trapped in this arboreal form.

Flynn the squirrel and the Weeping Willow GirlFlynn (left) and the Weeping Willow Girl (the face-like feature on the tree trunk on the right). Can you break the spell that keeps the little girl trapped as a tree? Escapades (Rated: General)

“There was a little girl who lived on the island called Escapades. She often played with a little faun, mischievous and playful and they had fun together. One day, the two friends snuck into…

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