SL Go Fail?

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I’ve blogged before about the SL Go service from OnLive.

I don’t have a super high-end computer and I was curious whether the service would be worth the price of the subscription ($10USD/month).

After using it, I have decided to keep up my subscription.  My original intention was to use it for taking super awesome pics with shadows and everything, which I don’t run on my PC.

However, it doesn’t quite work the way I thought it would.

And apparently others have thought so as well.

Whitney Blackburn tried it out and didn’t have a great experience with it.  See her blog post here.

I had some of the same issues.  I use a PC with a big monitor and I find that when I am using SL Go, it tends to be blurry and out of focus, especially text.  So chatting can become a challenge.

I also found it kind of dark and tried various ways to lighten it up without much success.

For landscape photography and avatar portraits, I will definitely use SL Go.

But for dance shows, I will stick to my PC.  The pics I took with SL Go at the last show I attended came out dark and kind of blurry, and I much preferred how the ones I took with my PC looked.

So, for many, SL Go may not be the way to go.

However, if you have an old PC or want to run SL on your tablet or iPad, it’s a wonderful option.

Have you tried SL Go?  What do you think of it?

11 thoughts on “SL Go Fail?

  1. Nice to know we have it as an option but surely you could upgrade a pic to run SL on max settings for a hundred or so dollars off ebay upgrades. If paid for a few secound hand components you may be able to pay for a years subscription?

    1. You probably could if you knew a lot about computers and how to buy and install the pieces. I don’t. Some of the info I’ve seen from other SL photographers – they are running on machines that cost $3-4K. I don’t have that kind of $ for a new PC.
      And for me, the benefit is being able to run SL on a tablet or iPad – hubby loves his iPad and would much rather lay on the couch than have to sit in a stuffy old chair!

  2. Anyone can buy and install components. Mags the old Co owner of Moons knew nothing of PCs and she built her last 2 PCs when she was in her 50’s. Though I take playing SL from the sofa as valid, I have always loved Lumiya for that. 🙂

    1. Hubs is the techie person in our house. I had him install a new graphics card in my PC sometime last year. And I am now able to connect direct to SL rather than using wireless, after a few DIY projects of his. He is already making plans, but he told me yesterday that for the $ he would spend buying components, it would even out for him to get the new Mac. (Of course, I think that’s just him trying to get me to agree to buy a Mac!) But yes, he loves his sofa time. 🙂 He probably would have been content with Lumiya, but they don’t make that for the iPad. 😛

    1. Here is a 5 year old building a PC.

      It is easy. Upgrading is painfully simple. Its like having a basic motorbike serviced. It costs £80+ for undoing a few nuts n bolts, replacing £5s worth of oil and filters, and checking the brakes. Why do people pay £80 for such a simple service? That sort of thing just plain baffles me.

      1. Ok, first of all – the 5 year old did not build the PC. Her very techie father did. She helped screw bits together – yes, I can do that too. However, that does not help me know which pieces/parts to buy, which ones are better for what I need, and what’s the best deal.
        I drive a car. I can change the oil, check the tires, replace the filters. Do I want to?
        Hell no.
        That’s why I pay someone else to do it.
        I could spend hours and hours searching the interwebs for the stuff I need/want. That’s what my hubby enjoys – so guess what he’s doing? 😀

    1. Hubby says it’s not all that complicated anymore and that a monkey could do it. I think I’m insulted.
      So all I need is a screwdriver. OJ and vodka coming up. 🙂

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