IP Replacement Update

Image Source:  sldancequeens.blogspot.com
Image Source: sldancequeens.blogspot.com

A week or so ago, I logged in to find my DQ chat blowing up with cries of horror from other dancers.

LL had IP replaced tons of animations (with no warning to most of us).

I happen to save all my animations in boxes, which I leave at my LL home.  So, I went through my inventory to see if I could figure out what was missing, and replaced it.

(This process is a LOT faster if you box your animations by creator.  I had stopped doing that – I’m going to have to go back to that!)

Everything worked great – until the next day, when I logged in and found it all IP replaced again.

Several of the feeds I read said that 1) it was a LL error that would be fixed and 2) you could get replacement animations from the vendors.

So, I went around to the various vendors and had my missing items redelivered.

The next day, when I logged in, the redelivered items had been IP replaced as well.


So, I left the IP replacements sitting in my inventory (after reading that LL would indeed be replacing them with my honestly purchased content).  If you delete the IP replacements, then the computer doesn’t know that you are missing those items and that you need them replaced.

Then I proceeded to ignore the animations for a week or so.

Yesterday, when I logged in and was sorting through the piles of advent stuff, I happened to notice that some of my IP replaced items had indeed been replaced with the actual working animations.

So, I went back through my inventory, looking for animations I knew had been IP replaced in error, and sure enough, they were all back, safe and sound.


If you haven’t done so already, check your inventory and see if your missing items have been returned.