Christmas ExtravaDanza – Visit #2

I went back for another visit to the Christmas ExtravaDanza! show yesterday, because there were a few acts I missed the first time around.

I am so glad I went back.

Performers I had missed the first time were Misse Tigerpaw, Setsuna Hirano, Winnie, and Chandra Meehan.

MisseMisse did a cute little number too a mix of songs, including ‘Happy’ by Pharrell.

There were sleds, a dove, and lots of lovely effects.


SetsunaSetsuna performed my favorite act of the show.

The delicate fairy inside the snowglobe, the wonderful use of particle effects – it was the most enchanting thing I’ve ever seen.

I took a whole series of pics of this act, so visit my photos over on ASN to see them.

WinnieWinnie was absolutely lovely as a tiny jewelry box ballerina dancer.

I love the snowflake particles and her costume was stunning.


ChandraChandra did a cute little number as a burlesque ginger cookie.

The waffle houses looked delicious!

Chandra is the creative genius behind this avatar, the one that inspired me to create my own dance using them.

I may be ‘afk’ over the next few days as the holidays are here.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!