So Excited!

I have been waiting eagerly for the next game/hunt from MadPea.

I did their Blood Letters hunt (and got creeped out a few times, I must admit).  But I thoroughly enjoyed the game – regardless of the prizes. (There were some really awesome ones, however!)

This month, I’ve been doing their Scrumptious Sweets hunt and loving it.

Everything is so darn cute!

I was even inspired to create a dance using one of the gifts from it.

Today I got a notice that a new game/hunt is coming in Feb/March.


BURIED logoBuried will be another murder mystery-type game/hunt.

You buy a HUD for $300L and then work to follow the clues and solve the mystery.

The notice does say the hunt is rated moderate and will have some sexual content.

*Grabs her sleuthing gear and heads out the door*