So Much Going On!

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There is sooo much going on today!

I’m dancing in the Michael Bublé tribute show at Frank’s Elite today at 12pm SLT.

Then the ‘Christmas ExtravaDanza!’ is having another performance 1pm.

Fusion Dance Crew is having their Christmas show at 2pm.

The Polar Express is doing another fundraiser for Toys for Tots at 3pm.

The Waterfront Theater is also doing a performance of ‘The Full Monty’ at 3pm.

Then catch La Oro’s show at 5pm.

Dance Xcetera! is doing a show at 7pm, as is Moulin Rouge.

So a completely full day of dance shows, not to mention all the advent gifties you can collect right now!


Better drink some Red Bull or some coffee before you head out!

Happy Dancing!!

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