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I recently decided to get a Flickr account.

Much as I hate Yahoo, I thought it would be a good place to put all the show pics I take that don’t make it onto the blog.

So, I went to set up an account.

However, Yahoo requires a cell phone number in order to activate a new account.

Umm, no.

If I wanted everyone on the planet to have my phone number, that would be a sure way to do it.

What to do?

I needed a place to share photos that isn’t Facebook or Yahoo or Flickr.

And then it hit me.

ASN – Avatar Social Network.

A site made specifically for avatars/RP’ers/gamers to be a replacement for other social media sites that are not ‘avatar-friendly.’  😀


So, from now on, I will be posting my pics (both dance shows and whatever else I take) on ASN.

There are alternatives – you just have to do a bit of looking. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Alternatives

  1. WOW KAT!!! Thank you – you did the finger walking I should have done a long time ago!!!!

    1. Welcome! If you join ASN, be sure to friend me. 🙂 It’s not as big (yet) as Facebook and Flickr, but it’s certainly a nice alternative. 😀

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