15,000 Prims


I am so excited to see that Whiskey Monday has gotten approved for an LEA grant.

She is one of my favorite SL artists (even if she doesn’t consider herself one, I do).

Her photos are simply amazing – and every one of them has made me pause and think.  Love her work!

Now that she has a sim, she’s giving everyone a chance to do what she does.

Sort of reminds me of my dance experiment. 🙂

I, for one, will be visiting the sim and taking the opportunity to snap some pics.

Who knows, maybe I’ll find my inner photographer. 😀

Whiskey Shots

Guess who’s an Artist in Residence.


Me! It’s me!

The Linden Endowment for the Arts announced their artist grants for their 8th round, and I’m one of them! This means I have a full sim to play with for six months. Well, maybe not play with, persactly. I’m supposed to be creating art there. I have 15,000 prims available to play with build on.

But I’m not a builder. In fact, I’m not an inworld creator of any kind. I use other people’s creations in my photo sets, but I don’t do any building. I don’t script, or mesh, or even know how to make poses. I’m aces at modding things, but that’s as far as my building experience goes.

So, what the hell am I doing with an LEA sim?

The Linden Endowment of the Arts is an official Linden Community Partnership program whose purpose is to…

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