Winter Wishes

When I saw a notice that the Night Theater was doing a ‘Winter Wishes’ show, I had to go.  I love the creativity of the acts that I see there.

I was not disappointed.



The opening act was a darling number with 4 little gold snowflake fairies.

The particle effects were well done, and I love the ending pose that I captured here.



WWRiverThis set was a song I had not heard before – River by Sarah McLachlan.

A beautiful song and I love how this set captured the imagery of it.

The skater in the background was a nice counterpoint to the dancer in front.


WWCookiesThen came the dancing gingerbread cookies!

This number was chock-full of sweetness and the little gingerbread couples swing-dancing to the music was adorable.



And who could forget these sexy reindeer?

I love the costumes in this number.

If you haven’t seen this show yet, there are still a couple of performances, I believe.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy some holiday cheer courtesy of The Night Theater.