Days 11-16 with the Artiste

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This will be my last post about my first days with the Artiste.

I’ve learned a ton, but there are still hundreds of features I haven’t even touched on yet.

I hope to be posting some videos in the coming weeks to demonstrate what I’ve accomplished so far and what I hope to accomplish as time goes on.

Day 12:

I learned how to use the Director to control the curtain.  Also learned how to add the command into my autofx nc.  Decided to make an event 0 so I can fade the curtain at the beginning of the routine.  When you use an event 0, you also have to turn on AutoPrePostAutoFx in the *config nc.

Again, ran out of time to do much else.

Days 13 and 14:

I was so busy with various projects that when I snuck a few moments to work with the Artiste, I forgot to keep notes.  Sigh.

Day 15:

After realizing I forgot to keep any notes from the previous days, I sat down to try and remember all the stuff I learned.  I started working on another routine after scrapping my original idea.  I need to fade another object at the beginning of the routine, so put that fade and the curtain on event 0.  Because I added an event 0, I changed SeqOnPlay from 1 to 0 so the sequence won’t start immediately when I press play.

The routine I am working on is a duet, so I need to have each dancer doing a separate sequence.  I read through the grouping manual and figured out what command I needed on the autofx to make each dancer dance a different sequence.  The only mistake I made was to leave the number of dancers at 6, because I had the division set as HALF.  So in that case, 3 dancers do sequence A, 3 dancers do sequence B.  So I need ALT as the division with only 2 dancers.

Started discussing with Yummy things I could ‘add’ to the routine.  I wanted to add some lighting and had tried making a few lights with some palettes.  However, I ended up frustrated because it wouldn’t stay the color I was setting it to, and I couldn’t figure out why.  Turns out there is a default color setting parameter in the palette nc – once I changed that to ‘none,’ it worked perfectly.

I had also tried to make smoke using the palette’s built-in function.  I couldn’t get it to work.  After talking to Yummy, there was a problem in the code somewhere, so she found it and fixed it.  An updated palette later – voilá – smoke.  🙂  After reading through the updated manual, I also discovered that I could use one palette for both fire and smoke.  The fire is an animated texture (also built-in to the palette), and the smoke is a particle effect, so I can do both with only one palette.  Nifty!

When I couldn’t get the built-in smoke effect to work, I decided to make some myself.  Part of the Performer Series is a coupon for a free particle generator.  I have tried several, but this one is pretty easy to use/learn.  It also has a few ready-to-go effects, including smoke.  So I got the script, and dropped it in the palette (I deleted the 11-01B particle script in the palette, because it’s no-mod, and substituted my script).  Did the same thing with a fire particle effect, and added the start/stop commands to my autofx.

I tried to show Yummy what I was trying to do, but I couldn’t get the particle effects to fire.  Apparently there was a another bug, so she headed off to fix that.

I decided to go back to the palette manual and see what other ‘tricks’ I could add to the routine.  Decided to add in a ‘tip’ it.  I still need to go back and work on the events timing, because everything isn’t gelling the way I want it to.  The curtain is a slow fade, and other things are happening before it completely fades out, which isn’t what I want.

Day 16:

Today was a very frustrating day.  I added in my ‘tip’ command.  For some reason, it tipped me 180 degrees instead of 90.  So, I reset the palettes, and it worked fine.  I decided to try and film some short, quick, how-to videos on using the palettes to make smoke and fire.  I was filming on a platform and kept getting a weird script error.  Turns out it was because I had the anchor rezzed below – it was trying to let me know the palettes were too far away.  Doh!

Got the smoke video made.  Tried to film the fire one, but was having no luck.  So Yummy came to trouble-shoot.  While she was doing that, I decided to work on the routine again.  After about 20 failed attempts to get the curtain to fade, I am ready to pull my hair out and throw the HUD across the room.

Yummy to the rescue – again.  She realized that I had a problem with my events.  After reviewing my events and autofx, discovered I was giving the HUD conflicting commands.  So I deleted one of the commands and tried again.

No curtain fade.

It worked yesterday, what I have done since then to screw it up?  Then Yummy asked if I was logged into the Director.  Sigh.

No.  So, I logged into the Director and crossed my fingers it would work this time.


I was getting so frustrated, so Yummy said to give her some time to see if there was a bug.  After a day of failures, I decided to log out and work on other projects.

However, I was determined to figure it out, so I logged back in several hours later to try again.  Yummy had left a message that she had found the problem and was working on a fix.  I will need an updated HUD, so I will wait until tomorrow.  I am going to get this!!