Dance Experiment – Video #6

All good things must come to an end, they say.

And sadly, this video is the last of the submissions for the dance experiment.  Siren (kiushu rau) gives us her interpretation of Broken Ones.  As always, any faults in the video lie with me, not the dancer.

Broken Ones – Siren

Now that all the videos are done, I will be putting them on one page on the blog so you can find them all together.  Many (most) of the dancers chose not to watch the other videos until they were done filming their own.  I am blown away by the generosity and creativity of these dancers.

On a scientific note (because this was an experiment, after all!), I think it proves my point that dance in SL is art.  Although they each used the same music, there were varied interpretations from the dancers.  From Siren’s ‘alone in a crowd’ performance to Baby’s abandoned toys to Winnie’s human trash, each performance was unique.

I again want to give these dancers a big hug and a giant Thank You! for volunteering for this little experiment of mine.

4 thoughts on “Dance Experiment – Video #6

  1. Interesting experiment, however I don’t think the variety of interpretations was all that varied.

    Given the song choice, it’s hardly surprising that most of the dance styles were similar, they had to suit the music after all.

    Yes, there is a bit of variety in costume and set design but over all 50% went for a doll/ mannequin theme, 33% went for an urban theme and the Fall/ Thanksgiving cornucopia one confused me to the relevance to the song but that may be a cultural thing (I’m a barbaric European so these things are lost on me).

    At the start of your posts on this subject you mentioned that the contributors were free to do whatever they wanted, this included emotes, none of the respondents appeared to emote though this may have been missed on your recording but reading interviews with some of the dancers their preference would be to use emotes. Were these deliberately left out because it was a recording?

    I can’t say for sure what I would have done for this particular song as I’ve watched all the videos and would be influenced by what I’ve seen (“ooh nice idea, i’ll do a variation on that” or “i’ll have to do something completely different, what about zombies!”

    What would be your interpretation of this song Kat? After all you chose the song so an idea or two must have crossed your mind at some point.

    1. None of the dancers chose to emote for their performances. I can’t answer why, because yes, some of them DO generally emote during a performance. However, as they were doing this on their free time, perhaps they just skipped that part?
      While some of the acts were similar (not a surprise, given the same music, as you pointed out), I think there were important differences. (Note – the following comments are how I interpreted the dances, and may not necessarily have been the intent of the dance creator.) For Lotta’s dance, it was a story about being lost and alone, perhaps tossed to the curb by a roommate/lover (hence the suitcases). In Winnie’s dance, I took it as commentary on the people that many in society consider ‘trash’ – bums, drunks, junkies, the homeless.
      And although Baby and Queenie both used dolls, again, to me there were differences. My take-away from Baby’s routine was that of toys (or other things) that were once loved, and then abandoned and forgotten. Queenie’s seemed to be more about the concept of a doll who wants to be loved and played with, but is instead placed in a box as a display.
      I guess I am approaching ‘art’ from the standpoint that, even though they all used the same music, they each contributed something unique. In an art class, for example, everyone might be asked to paint the same platter of fruit. But even though the starting point/model is the same, each work of art will be different. Perhaps not huge differences, as you might see with one being abstract, another impressionistic, and another done by a surrealist. But differences are there.
      As for what I would have done, yes, I probably would have chosen some of the same type of lyrical, expressive types of animations. I don’t think I would have used a doll – I think I might have gone down the road of a story – a girl, abandoned, broken emotionally, who perhaps then meets someone who does value her.
      Sappy, probably, but then, I’m a romantic at heart. 😀

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