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Many moons ago I had read about buying lindens in a different way.

Rather than just buying them directly through my viewer (which was the only way I was aware of at the time), there was another way to do it.

However, the explanation I read made it seem very complicated, and I am, by nature, very risk-averse when it comes to money.  So, I continued to buy lindens directly.

During a conversation with Yummy, she mentioned that she was considering writing a blog post on limit buys for L$.  I encouraged her to do it (selfishly, because I wanted the information!) and she did.  You can find her original post here on the DQ blog.

Her instructions were amazingly detailed and made it very simple to follow the steps.  In less than 5 minutes, I had put in my first order for a limit buy of L$.

I put in a small order ($20USD) of 5043L using the method Yummy detailed.  I then sat back to wait.  While I was waiting, I decided to do some comparing.  If I had done a direct buy at that time, the same 5043L would have cost me $20.42USD.  Now, I’m sure $0.42 seems like small change.  It is.  But those small things add up.

I waited for only about 15-20 minutes and my order filled.  Still curious, I did some more comparisons.  After waiting the 20 minutes for my limit buy to fill, I went back to direct buy to see if the rate would still be the same.

Now, those 5043L were going to cost $20.72USD.  A difference of $0.72 this time.  At $20.42USD for 5043L, that’s approximately 247L per $1USD.  At $20.72USD for 5043L, that’s approximately 243L per $1USD.  Again, that 4L seems like a small amount, but over time, it adds up.

And this was only for a small linden buy.  The differences are more apparent in bigger buys.  For example, if I had placed an order for $100USD of lindens when I did my limit buy, I would have gotten 25,215L.  Using the same exchange rates, a direct buy for $100USD placed at the same time as my limit buy would have gotten me approximately 24,696L – a difference of 519L.

So using the limit buy method, I’d have 519L more for the same amount of RL money.  That’s a new costume, or a new pair of shoes, or several new dances!  A pretty good deal in my book.

And if you compare the exchange rates only 20 minutes later, a direct buy of $100USD would have netted me approximately 24,338L.  That’s a difference of 877L versus the limit buy.  Again making the limit buy option a good deal.

Yes, using the limit buy method may take a little bit longer for your order to complete versus a direct buy.  However, waiting 15-20 minutes is fine with me if it nets more lindens for my hard-earned money.

What could you do with an extra 877L?

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