Days 4 & 5 – No Time!

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It’s now Day 4 with my new Artiste HUD.  Because I have the Release Candidate, there are things that are still being refined, so as Yummy makes changes, I get updated stuff.

Today I got a new controller and a new palette.  I was testing them out and was going a little too fast.  I didn’t realize the pop-up menu would pop up again after I hit a button, so I ended up hitting reset by mistake.  Which derezzes all your markers and means you have to start all over.  Ugh.  So after three unnecessary resets, I slowed down and got it all working correctly.  I learned that there is a remember button on the controller – it will remember the last set of markers you rezzed.  However, remember does not work after a reset.

I feel like I have a good handle on the palette as mover, so I’m moving on to emoting.  Decided to read through the emoting book again.

There are two ways to save emotes with the HUD.  You can do a set of ‘adhoc’ emotes, which you enter using the menu from the HUD.  However, these ‘adhoc’ emotes don’t get saved anywhere, so if you reset the HUD before you save them, they are gone.  The *emotetitles notecard tells the HUD which notecard to use for emotes.  So you create a new notecard for each ‘detail set’ of emotes.  But in order for the HUD to play them, they have to be listed on the *emotetitles notecard.

The HUD comes with some example notecards for emotes.  To keep it simple when starting, use one emote for each event (which means you can have up to 20 emotes – guessing I won’t need near that many).  The emotes are limited to 255 characters per line, as usual.  I think I remember reading that you don’t get an error if you go over, it will just cut off your emote.  Shouldn’t be an issue for me, since I test everything several times beforehand.

I ran out of time on Day 4 to finish all the testing that I wanted to.

On Day 5, I had other projects to finish and had no time at all to work with the Artiste.

On to Day 6!