Christmas Breezes

I don’t write about dance shows as much as I probably should.  Many times it’s because I haven’t had the time to actually make it to a show!  However, sometimes when I start to write about a show (or when I’m at the show), I find myself being uber-critical about it.  As a dancer, I see things that I would do differently, or things that I don’t like.  So I end up not writing about a show, because my momma taught me that ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.’ 🙂  However, one of my goals with this blog is to spread the word about dance in SL.  How can I do that if I don’t write about it?!

Since it’s not often lately that I get a chance to see a dance show, much less a new one, when I saw an ad for a new dance troupe (new to me, anyway), I headed over to watch.

The Breezes dance troupe put on a Christmas show.  The song selections were good (I had no idea there was a Christmas version of Mambo #5!) and had a nice variety.  There was a Christmas hoedown number with country Christmas songs, a routine with a Latin spin, and some interesting choreography.

BreezesXmasShow1I thought the soldier uniforms on the guys were cute.  (See – more guy dancers!)

The opening routine had the girls dressed as little angels, which I unfortunately did not get a picture of, because I was busy watching and forgot to start snapping pictures!


Here’s a close-up of the soldier men in their adorable costumes.

I love the pose!




I love this Christmas costume.

The boots are great, and the Santa sack/backpack is a nice touch.








And this shot is me trying to get all fancy and do ‘artistic’ angles with my pictures. 😛


The show was very entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I’m not sure if they will be doing another performance of it, but if they do, make sure you catch it.

Everyone needs a little dance in their Christmas!


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