The Word Is Out!

TheArtisteLogoWell, it’s the word is finally out on Lat ‘Yummy’ Lovenkraft’s Artiste HUD.

Sales are increasing (as is Yummy’s shoe collection – coincidence?) and people are excited about the many features of her HUD.

I have had the GOLD version for about a week and a half and am slowly learning the possibilities it offers.  I haven’t had as much time to work on it as I have wished, but I am going to dive into it this weekend.  As I do, I will be blogging about my experiences.  I don’t consider it a ‘wear and go’ HUD, simply because of the myriad of things you can do with it.  However, so far it has been well worth the effort to read all the documentation and begin experimenting with it.

If you want to see some of the possibilites – check out the post/video from Nancy TooCool, who has been using the Artiste for some time now, on Yummy’s blog.  You can find Nancy’s thoughts about the Artiste as well.  The video is NSFW as it contains nudity, but it is a good example of things you can do with the Artiste – some simple, some not.

I know Yummy is hard at work updating and polishing everything, so if you see her be sure to compliment her shoes!