Dance Experiment – Video #2

Despite the holiday busy-ness and my full schedule, I managed to find some time to finish up work on one of the dance videos for my little experiment.

This offering is from Lotta Difference (from the Paramount Playhouse – check out their blog here).  I gave all the dancer victims, erm, volunteers a song.  They were to create a routine using that song.  No other limits – they could build a set or not, use emotes or not, etc.

If there are any mistakes in the videos, they are my fault (or my computer’s, or my ISP’s), not those of any of the dancers.

I want to again say a great big Thank You! to those dancers who volunteered their time and energy for this project.

I do have another video in the works.  I will be posting it in the next few days as well.  I still have several other volunteers who are close to being finished, so once I hear from them and film their routines, those videos will be posted.

I have embedded the video, but if it doesn’t show for you, just click the link below.

Lotta Difference – Broken Ones



2 thoughts on “Dance Experiment – Video #2

  1. This is such a fun idea, Kat. It’s interesting to see the different approaches different people take on the song. These two videos you’ve posted already are very different from each other.
    How did you come up with this particular song? Did you have some specific reason for choosing it (such as the lyrics or something) or did you just pick a song you thought wouldn’t be too hard to dance to and would be open to a variety of interpretations? Did I just answer my own question? Haha. Crazy Nancy, go to bed.

    1. Actually, I came across the song during a cruise through YouTube a while before the dance experiment was even an idea. I originally thought, hey – I can do a routine to this, but the song just got added to my already hideously long list.
      Then the idea for dance experiment was born, and I actually debated for quite some time about what kind of song to use – upbeat, poppy, jazz, blues . . . After narrowing it down to two choices, I decided on Broken Ones. I was hoping not too many people had heard the song, and I thought it was a song that would offer possibilities for creativity.
      I’m blown away myself by the visions the dancers have brought to life. And I still have several more volunteers to film, so it should be exciting!

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