An Inspiring Weekend of Dance

DanceQueensGalaxyThis weekend was the Dance Queens ‘Dance Galaxy’ festival.

Held over two days and featuring 14 different dance troupes, it was an amazing event.

Kudos to BabyPea von Phoenix and Diawa Bellic, the juggernauts behind the scenes.

For most of the two days, the sim was full, as audiences enjoyed the dance stylings of troupes like Spirit Light Dance Company, the A&M Mocap Maniacs, the Starlite dancers, Fusion Dance Crew, and many more.

From an audience perspective, the shows went off without a hitch.  At many of the performances, there was little to no wait time between acts.

If you didn’t go, you missed out!


2 thoughts on “An Inspiring Weekend of Dance

  1. I was so impressed with all the people who participated, both on stage and off. The performers were prepared and well-organized, the people in the audience picked up very quickly the TP system of moving from one stage to the next. It was smooth and flowed beautifully. It was a real treat to see some troupes perform that I had not gotten to see before. So many lovely people in the SL dance community!!

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