New Stuff?

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Reading through my feed today, I came across a post about a new AO at Tuty’s – the Burlesque AO.  So, of course, I had to go see it!

I tried out several of the walks and bought them, because I know I’ll use them in routines.  And then I tried out the stands, and kicked myself, because I ended up just buying the whole AO. 😦

There are 21 stands (many of which I really liked and would be great used as transition animations in dances) and I absolutely loved some of the sits.  So, it was cheaper to buy the whole package, even after my dumb earlier purchase of the individual walks.  If you like burlesque, check it out!

I also saw a post about a new dance chair at Henmations.  After checking it out, I’m not really sure if it’s new or not.  At $2700L for the copy version, it’s a little pricey.  And when I tried it out, the very first dance I selected made me dance through the chair.  So, not something I’ll be buying.  Check it out for yourself – maybe I missed something. 😛

Don’t forget, today and tomorrow is the Dance Queens Dance Galaxy Festival – two whole days of dance, dance, dance!  There are some great troupes performing, and I’ll be in two show on Sunday, so stop by and say hi.

Have a good weekend!