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Well, I’ve been wishing and hoping for more new dances – maybe my wish is about to come true!

I received a notice from the Henmations group today that (hopefully), their website will be up and running again soon and that they hope to again start doing new releases of dances on a weekly basis.

I like Henmations animations, but I hadn’t really been buying there lately because there wasn’t anything new.  I wondered if something had happened to the creator. Apparently he had some health issues (the note clearly states that he is NOT dead, just in case you were wondering) and has joined forces with some new people.

The note also says that their website was hacked and will be back up as soon as possible.  They do note that they have taken legal action, so who knows how long it will take.  After searching some of the SL forums, it appears this issue may be a real headache for the company.  Some of their HUD’s used web-based configuration pages, including their couples dance ball system.  So – website down, HUD no worky.  😦    Lots of people were not happy, to say the least.  Henmations may have some customer service issues until everything is up and running smoothly again.

But – new dances!!!!  I’m excited for the possibility.  Mo-cap animations are an expensive venture, so kudos to anyone who does it.  Also, there was a notice a few days ago about MyANIMATIONS – they have released some new long belly dances, so if you like those, be sure to check them out.

As always, happy dancing!

2 thoughts on “Dance News

  1. The couple of times I’ve contacted Henmations regarding some issues I’ve had with their dance chairs or poles (can’t remember which or both), they never replied. I’ve heard the same from others. So I guess they never really had any customer support / service to begin with… Sorry if I’m wrong :p
    I found a new dance creator a few months ago. You might like it if you’re looking for new animation stores (and if you’re not familiar with it already). It’s called Glamour Animations. When I visited there, they didn’t have that many dances but I did find a few to use in our September show. I’ve also seen some notices from them about new dances every now and then, so might be worth another look.

    1. I’ve never purchased anything but animations from Henmations, so I’ve never had a reason to use customer service. Hopefully it will improve with new staff. 🙂
      I have been to Glamour several times, but I’m greedy – I always want more dances!

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