Yahoo Flickr? I’ll Pass . . .

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I’ve been debating for a while whether to sign up for a Flickr account.  I love looking at all the gorgeous SL pics.

Today I decided, “What the hell?” and went to sign up for Flickr.  I mean, I already have 7 emails, a Twitter, a Google+, an ASN account, and a blog – what’s adding one more account?  So I be-bop my way over to Flickr and hit ‘sign up.’

I am immediately confronted with a Yahoo! sign in page.

Wha . . . . . ???

I hit the back button, thinking I’d been redirected to the wrong place.


Turns out Yahoo! owns Flickr.  I don’t like Yahoo.  Much as I would like to see all the pretty pictures, my loathing at having to use Yahoo overrides that wish.  I already have several email accounts, I don’t want another one.  I foolishly assumed I could use my gmail account (or any email account I chose) to sign up for Flickr.  But, alas, that is not the case.

And so, I bid Flickr a disappointed adieu.  (Just FYI – there was apparently a huge ‘to-do’ when Yahoo acquired Flickr, redesigned the layout, and then implemented the changes with no notice to its users.)

I think I’ll go check out DeviantArt. 😀

One thought on “Yahoo Flickr? I’ll Pass . . .

  1. Your loss. 🙂

    Flickr is great for posting up SL images – especially as you can now post to flickr from inworld with ‘slshare’ if you use any viewer other than Firestorm.
    It posts them complete with slurls people can click to go to where you posted from (an option you can turn on or off inside of SL in screenshot panel).

    AND there is a plugin for wordpress that will add a number of your recent flickr images to a panel you place on your blog.

    I’d recommend going back and given it a real try.

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