The Importance of Tools

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No, not those kind of tools.  I’m talking about useful tools – the things you use to help you do other things.

Like dance. 🙂

For instance, there would be no dancing in SL if it wasn’t for the dance/animation creators.  So, first, I’d like to send out a huge thank you to all the animation makers out there.  Whether it’s a solo dance, a couples dance, a pose, a walk – any kind of animation, if you make it – THANK YOU!

And where do we put all those lovely animations?  In our dance HUDs, of course!  So if you are a HUD maker, thank you as well.  I couldn’t do what I do in SL without your hard work.

Once we have all of our animations in our HUDs, we need a way to move around the stage – more tools.  We need to fade one set out and fade in another – more tools.  We need to add beautiful sparkles to everything – more tools.  We need to be able to control all this wonderfullness with a click – more tools.  We need to be able to add/remove props, clothing, etc. – more tools.

And there are, I’ve heard, more tools in the works.  Hopefully some of them will be released soon.  I still have ideas in my head that I can’t currently make happen in SL.  So I’m hoping one of these new tools will be a solution to my problems.  🙂

So, if you like your tools, be sure and thank the person who made them.