WTF, America?

Image Source:    Sadly, most Americans would think this map is accurate.
Image Source:
Sadly, most Americans would think this map is accurate.

I don’t usually discuss politics, because it never leads anywhere good.

However, after yesterday’s elections, I am left to wonder, ‘WTF, America?’

Congress has the lowest approval rating in history.  Election exit polls showed 60+% of people are dissatisfied with our government.  And yet in almost every race, the incumbent won.


So America, what you’re saying is, “Congress, we don’t like you or your politics.  But we’re okay with you continuing to do your piss-poor job.  What?  You’d like me to bend over again?  Okay.”

Great job, ‘Murica.  -.-

One thought on “WTF, America?

  1. Gerrymandered districts prevent much change. Or in this case – allow it in some places. In 2010 at the state legislature level in the “red states” GOP candidates swept in – and promptly redistricted everything so that in any future election; “ethnic minority” populations, even where they are the numerical majority – would be unable to secure electoral majorities. Voter intimidation worked to keep many out last night as well (already reading stories of white being allowed to vote without ID in states with the new ID requirements, and non-whites being given “tests” like “what are the numbers on your ID” while the ID is taken from them and hidden from site).

    Progressive voters… often don’t turn out for mid-term elections. So even when there is a closer balance in the population – midterm elections tend to swing conservative. So candidates elected in 2010 are pretty safe in 2014, most of the time.

    Despite his popularity actually being higher than almost any other president in recent history during their 6th term – there has been a LOT of comment about Obama being ‘historically unpopular’… and that has really worked to help discourage progressive citizens and motivate conservative ones.

    And despite us having one of the best economies we’ve had since the 1950s… people think the economy is weak. Despite the uninsured falling to about 10%, and less in Blue states, people think the ACA didn’t work. Despite unemployment falling to about 6%, people think jobs are gone. Despite the deficit falling to record lows, people think the budget is out of control.
    – Because these facts get under-reported.

    And many people cannot remember very far back. So the budget crisis, shutdowns, and assorted strange rape comments coming out of the GOP… are already ancient history or forgotten by people – who are hyper focused on Ebola and ISIS… two nearly non-existent for North America issues.

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