Dance Maker, Dance Maker, Make Me a Dance!

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We all know what it’s like to spend hours and hours searching for just the right dance or move that we need for our routines. Unfortunately, making mo-cap dances is not an inexpensive endeavor. So we dancers are forced to rely on the dance makers to help bring our creations to life.

Lately it seems that the creation of new dances has slowed dramatically. So I wondered – what kind of dances are dancers looking for? After looking at the responses from yesterday’s post, the majority of the votes were for slow/sexy/sensual dances.  Especially ones that involved floor dancing – moves on your knees or laying down, as well as slow-motion animations.  There were also several requests for jive, swing, and ballet dances.  Most of the respondents were interested in solo dance animations, but there were several interested in couples dances.

So, if you’re a mo-cap dance maker, or you know someone who is – pass the information along!!