Dance Supporters

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No, not those kind, silly. 😛  I’m talking about YOU!

For the past few weeks/months, I’ve seen new dance groups and venues popping up.  As the holiday season is almost upon us, people are in more festive moods and generally happier than at other times.  So I’m looking forward to going to lots of new shows and seeing new dancers, new routines, and experiencing some more of those ‘Wow!’ moments when I come across something that really moves me.

But because there are more shows, there are often more choices to be made.  Many shows run at the same time, so deciding which one to attend can be difficult.  If you also dance in a troupe (or two, or more), it can be even more difficult to attend shows that you are not in.  That said, I’d like to remind us all to be a little bit nicer and more gracious to each other.  We’re all busy.  But if you can, take time out to attend a show, especially if you’ve been personally invited to attend.

When it comes to dance shows, the more the merrier.  🙂  And if you’re a busy dancer, it can be hard to accommodate everyone.  You’ve had a busy day and the last thing you want to do is attend another show.  Stop for a minute and think about the person who asked you to attend.  Have they attended any of your shows?  If they have, have you attended any of theirs?  It’s easy to focus on ourselves and forget about the people in the audience – without whom there would be no show.

Dance, like everything else in life, is a two-way street.  You will meet amazing people who become close friends.  You will also meet people who are complete jacknuts.  Be nice to them all.  Even to that dancer who drives you crazy because she never remembers what day/time the show starts.  Be supportive – we all want someplace to belong.  And I would love to have more people belong to the dance community!

Tips to be a good dance supporter:

  • Attend shows, especially if personally invited
  • Be nice
  • Compliment others
  • If you liked a show, tell others
  • Take pics and share them – especially with the performers

Your attendance at a show is more important than the L$ you tip (although those are always appreciated!).

See you at the next show!